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Pixy Eyeshadow Review (Photos, Review, Swatch)

“Pixy Week” The thing I love to blog about is really makeup and cosmetics, heck it’s the reason why I started this blog in the first place way way back when it’s called “When Chic Hits the Pan” but the skincare products review piled up so high I prioritized that first @_@. So I plan to post MORE makeup reviews! How would you like that? I’m no pro when it comes to putting on makeup. I’m just someone like you who likes to look pretty and use the best products as possible!

Well, last time I was invited to the launch of Pixy Cosmetics here in Manila and was blessed to have been given a lot of products to try! As promised, I did mention to review some of my favorite products in the brand and first up is it’s eyeshadow! Do visit back soon for my review on Pixy Blush on and Pixy Lipsticks

My Pixy Cosmetics

My Pixy Favorites

Pixy Eyeshadow Swatch

Pixy is a very affordable japanese makeup brand that’s easily available at Watsons, or SM Beauty section. Their main color is PINK so it’s very easy to spot and find (my favorite color? obviously! haha)

Pixy Eyeshadow on Eyes
Pixy Eyeshadow on Eyes


  • It may not look like it but the eyeshadow duo actually packs in a lot of pigment and can give you color in one swipe
  • It’s very smooth and blendable. The intensity can also be adjusted depending on how heavy your hand is or how much product you layer on
  • This is never chalky. It’s rare to find eyeshadows of this quality
  • Lasting power is good. I put it on the morning and it stayed on until I got home 8pm


  • The packaging is a bit flimsy and the built in mirror is next to useless because of it’s super blurred reflection. But hey, I don’t mind as long as the actual product is GOOD.

Will I be repurchasing?

Definitely, and I hope Pixy comes out with brighter and more vivid colors.
Stay tuned for more makeup reviews from different brands from yours truly *wink*

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