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PR: Converse celebrates the daring spirit of today’s youth through Public Access

Converse celebrates the daring spirit of today’s youth through Public Access, a show that expresses the voice and vision of youth culture. The series debuted on Twitter on September 5,, 2017.

Public Access, a creative platform for big ideas and diverse voices, brings together a community to celebrate today’s youth who are changing culture through their bold creations and storytelling. Through the mixed media program, the exceptional youth, who when given the opportunity to rise up; challenge the status quo; and plant the seeds of change gather to discuss their passions and their movements.

Miley Cyrus and Maisie Williams, symbols of today’s generatio were invited to collaborate with the brand to co-create and host their own Public Access episode.The organic format and open forum allows for the two to express themselves by engaging with their community in their own authentic way.

With the help of their friends — a mix of artists, innovators, activists, and young visionaries – Miley Cyrus and Maisie Williams reflect on their aspirations, challenges and what in today’s moving culture matters most to them.

Miley Cyrus’ episode proves that a youthful spirit is not defined by age and features veteran women in the mix like 81-year old circus stunt performer Carla Wallenda (of the renowned Flying Wallendas) as well as a 66-year old pole dancing champion Greta Pontarell joined by her sister,Noah Cyrus; 23-year-old singer Amine; comedian Brandon Wardell; rapper and singer from Compto nBuddy; and 19-year-old inventor Ann Makosinski.

Maisie Williams’ Public Access show features groundbreaking actors Millie Bobby Brown and Amandla Stenberg, along with R&B singer Syd; 17-year old Chef Flynn McGarry; and activists who are outspoken regardless of age.

Exploring tools that inspire movements, Converse exclusively premiere the Public Access episodes with the world through streams on Twitter, bringing together the unique video series with real-time fan conversation and reaction through a Twitter timeline experience.

Public Access is available for free to logged-in and logged-out users on Twitter and connected devices globally. Fans will be able to access the stream at or via @Converse. Following the Public Access debut on Twitter, each episode will be available to share and watch via and

Segments were directed by Andrew Barchuilon, styled by Ian Bradley, and photographed by Tyler Mitchell.

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