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PR: SkinWhite – U Spark 2016 #BrighterTogether

 “Feelingera! Di naman kagandahan.”
“Wait lang, close ba tayo?”
These are just some of the
negative experiences that can darken college life for girls. Issues such as
bullying, shaming and gossiping happen in campuses everywhere. Chances are, you
have seen these happen or you have experienced these yourself. As the market
leader that stands for bright beautiful possibilities, SkinWhite believes that
it’s time to take a stand against negativity. It’s time to spark a change that’s not just skin deep by letting girls inspire other girls. It’s time to bring girls out to the light and let them
sparkle with bright possibilities.
That’s why this 2016, April becomes the brightest month for girls who will
stand up to outshine negativity. It’s the chance for
girls to prove how powerful they can be, and how empowering they can become—
that they can be – #BrighterTogether.
SkinWhite is proud to introduce
its chosen advocates for U Spark 2016 who are all active in spreading
positivity not only in their schools, but also in everyday life. They are
Martina Reyes, Sabine Dualan, Bea Alcañeses, Crisselle Asuncion, Allysza Marasigan and Klaire
Ellise Dulay.  Martina believes in the
power of kindness. Sabine sees the value of individuality. Bea is active in
promoting the welfare of Filipino children. Criselle is a youth leader who
believes that everyone should be given enough chance to nurture his or her
talents. Allysza believes with her heart that nothing is impossible in this
world. Klaire’s cheerful and shiny disposition is
so contagious that she spreads positivity and inspires lives.  With each of the girls showing their own
display of a beautiful heart inclined to inspire others, the six U Spark
advocates were chosen to help spread goodness and kindness around the campus.
It’s time we let girls graduate from negativity and shine bright with
beautiful brighter possibilities with SkinWhite, U Spark Advocates and you!


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