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President of the Philippines : WHY DUTERTE?

I’m going all out for my campaign for Digong. I am not paid to do this. Like you, I’m tired of the monopoly of the elite. Philippines is a country run by business-men controlled puppets. We, Filipinos are clamoring for TRUE FREEDOM.

Si duterte lang ang nagpapakilos sa atin ng kusa. Katangian ng isang tunay na leader! ALL OUT FORCE NA TAYO SA SUPORTA PARA SA PILIPINAS! I hope we can push more and spread the word! Where else can you find a candidate without any budget or machinery leading the polls because it is the Filipino people who is campaigning for him. For our country.


by  Jose Alejandrino
This is the question many friends ask me.
My reply:
I have nothing personal against the other candidates but when I examine carefully their record and pronouncements here is what I find.
A Senate panel recommended Binay be charged with plunder. The Ombudsman found probable cause and is readying charges against him when he no longer enjoys immunity as VP. COA’s findings substantiate the charges in its audited report. The AMLC discovered huge amounts in Binay’s bank accounts.
Binay has not proven the accusations are false other than to say he is innocent and has immunity. By adopting this stance, it tantamounts to an admission of guilt. Yet this man is running for the presidency. How can those against corruption vote for him?
Roxas’ record in DOTC and DILG are nothing spectacular. The MRT is blotted by anomalies. He was afraid to speak out to the president when his 44 SAF were being massacred and appealed for help at Mamasapano. He did little to aid the Yolanda victims. His mining cronies whom he called his friends devastated Agusan del Norte. He is incapable of handling stress. He is against constitutional change. This tells me he favors the present rotten political system that benefited the oligarchy and established order. How can you expect this man to deal with our huge problems as president?
Poe is a nice ex-American gal who switches allegiance like she changes panties. She is susceptible of manipulation given her inexperience by those advising her and the Marcos cronies financing her. She is likely to protect Noynoy after the latter is no longer president. I fear she is the puppet of the Aquino-Cojuangcos. She is against change.
Duterte has an excellent track record as mayor of Davao. Just ask the people there. He is a man of great common sense. He listens carefully to people before making up his mind. He lives modestly. He has no airs, little money. He has mass appeal. He is firm and doesn’t tolerate nonsense. He favors change. He understands the problems of Mindanao and has the trust of the people there, including the MNLF and the NPAs. He has the solution to the MILF. He is the man most likely to end the conflict there. He is the man most likely to unite the nation from the deep divisions caused by Aquino.
Can Duterte win? Don’t look at contrived surveys. Look at the pictures of the huge crowds greeting him. Compare them to the crowds of the other candidates and that will tell you the real story. These pictures are hidden by the formal media beholden to vested interests in order to downplay Duterte’s popularity because vested interests see Duterte as a threat.
It won’t change the final result. Whether you like it or not, Duterte is the next president. Whether you like it or not, change will come. Either way by fair and free elections or a revolutionary government due to widespread cheating, Duterte will fulfill the destiny I am convinced God gave him. #PHVoteDuterte #PHVoteCayetano

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