How to Prevent Pollution-induced Damage to Skin

How to Prevent Pollution-induced Damage to Skin

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Air pollution is one of the greatest detractors of skin health. Any sort of pollution is destructive and damaging in some way, shape or form, however, air pollution is perhaps the biggest culprit when it comes to physical damage, particularly the skin.

It is truly unfortunate that even today, when prevention methods are so numerous, and anyone can easily avoid producing waste, that air pollution is a major cause of disease and physical unrest everywhere. And on a physiological level, nowhere else are the effects of air pollution more visible than on the skin.

5 Steps towards Preventing Pollution-induced Damage to the Skin

Fortunately, there are some measures that can be taken to ensure that the skin does not have to suffer the ill effects of air pollution. Here, we will be discussing preventive methods, which, when compounded with a healthy diet, can do wonders for skin health overall.

To that end, following are some of the ways by which we can prevent pollution-based damage to the skin.

Wearing Pollution-proof Headgear and Facial Masks

One method of pollution protection is the usage of protective masks and headgear that protects the hair and skin from pollution damage. This is particularly beneficial for individuals who reside in highly congested areas with lots of traffic. Masks that filter air and protect the skin from smog are a very practical, if inconvenient method of pollution protection.

Using Sunscreen Lotion and Creams

Perhaps the most common method of skin protection is the usage of sunscreen lotions, in order to prevent sun damage, which leaves the skin vulnerable to smoke and damaging airborne particles.

Sunscreen lotions protect the skin from more than just pollution. The sun’s damaging UV radiation, which is the primary reason behind skin diseases, is also the main reason for why pollution damage happens so drastically over a period of time. While genetic conditions also are contributors towards said damage, UV rays are to be avoided and protected against at all costs.

Regularly Cleanse the Skin

Cleansing is the most direct method of preventing pollution damage. A lot of the products available in the market, which are directed towards cleansing, actually do a very good job of washing away dirt from the pores. However, there is a negative side to using cleansing chemicals.

While they do clean the skin, they are also potentially harsh towards more sensitive skin types. Their harsh nature results in chemical damage in the long term, which is why it is better to always use natural products and those with natural extracts in them.

Neutralize the Skin

A very good way to prevent pollution as well as chemical damage to the skin is to neutralize and eliminate the free radicals in the skin. This can be done in two ways. You can either consume foods with powerful antioxidant properties, or you can use products that have antioxidants in them.

Antioxidants also strengthen the walls of the skin cells, allowing them to be more resistant to pollution damage themselves. Stronger cell walls act as a barrier against acne, contributing to acne prevention as well.

Maintain Healthy Hydration

Water is regarded as the element of life for a reason! It flushes out all manner of toxins from the body, allowing the organs to work at their optimal capacity and keeping body chemistry normal. The skin is no different, and it requires water as will, in order to maintain its structural integrity.

Hydration is key towards maintaining healthy, supple skin. It also helps in avoiding toxic damage and diseases such as skin cancer, when maintained consistently in the long term.


Healthy skin and the maintenance of it is dependent on how much you protect it from outside elements. While the skin does have its own cleaning mechanism internally, it always pays to protect it from the outside as well.

However, all the pollution protection will be for nothing if you do not maintain a healthy diet. Nutrients which are needed by the skin can only be delivered through food. The healthier your diet, the better the skin will be. Additionally, avoiding excessive use of chemicals also contributes to skin health

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