Titanium Rings Pros and Cons

John and I were looking for a couple ring of some sort and initially we can’t decide if we’re getting gold, silver, tungsten, or titanium. I’d really love to own a platinum ring but it is just way out of our budget for now. Someday maybe?

After doing some research, we decided to opt for the more affordable, yet durable type of metal. Titanium.I was browsing to find the design I’d like, and as much as they have A LOT of really nice jewelry to choose from, I wasn’t able to select any. But I’d definitely come back to buy accessories there like trendy necklaces or earrings.


What is Titanium?
Titanium is a chemical element classified as a transition metal on the periodic table. It is the 7th most abundant metal on earth, and titanium metal has even been found in some types of meteorites – it is also believed that titanium is present on our sun too. The color of the metal is a very light white/gray, and the finish of the metal can be changed through polishing, brushing and other methods.
One of the most fascinating things about titanium is that it has the highest strength-to-weight ratio of all the transition metals. This means that even though titanium has a very low density – and is light in weight – it is extremely strong too.
Titanium has a density of 4.11 while tungsten has a density of 19.25. A titanium wedding band will literally feel light as a feather on your finger.
What Type of Titanium is Best for Titanium Wedding Rings?
The properties of titanium can be changed by mixing it with other metals to create alloys – heat and finishing treatments too can affect the durability of titanium. Titanium metals are divided into grades – from Grade 1 to Grade 4.
Grade 1 is the softest form of titanium, and Grade 4 is the hardest form of titanium.
For the purposes of titanium wedding rings, the best type of titanium is Commercially Pure (CP) Grade titanium which is 99% pure. CP titanium is available in Grades 1 through 4, but for wedding rings Grades 2 to 4 CP is best. While these rings are extremely strong and scratch resistant, they can still be removed with regular cutting tools in the event of an emergency.
Most CP Grade 2 to 4 titanium rings may also be resized (although some cannot be sized due to the design of the ring) and engraved either with traditional engraving tools or with laser engraving methods.
Pros of having a Titanium Ring
Titanium wedding rings have the durability and strength to stand-up to lifelong wear and tear. These rings are 100% hypoallergenic (titanium is so biocompatible that it is even used to create artificial joint replacements) and resistant to corrosion and tarnish – titanium will even stay resistant to tarnish even if exposed to salt water.
Titanium is also a very poor conductor of heat and electricity – so if the ring is exposed to heat it will not become hot. And while titanium is extremely strong, it is also very light in weight.
Titanium wedding rings are also available in a wide range of prices – from quality rings that are extremely affordable to rings with high-end designer price tags.
Last but definitely not least, titanium wedding bands are crafted with a low-environmental-impact metal.
Cons of having a Titanium Ring
Because titanium rings are so strong, resizing and repairing the rings can be expensive. The strength of titanium can also be a hindrance when it comes to available styles of titanium rings – particularly titanium engagement rings.
While titanium may be inlaid with metals, and transformed into very contemporary smooth designs, it is extremely difficult (if not impossible) to style titanium into any type of intricate design. For this reason, styles of titanium engagement rings are very limited – you will not find traditional engagement ring styles available (at this time) in titanium. However, there are some ladies titanium rings crafted in modern styles – for women who want to go with a unique and edgy type of engagement ring and band look.


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