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Project No Makeup Challenge : New Year’s Resolution

I find Eva Longoria very pretty even without makeup on

Before anything else, I want to greet all my readers a VERY VERY HAPPY NEW YEAR! * hugs to everyone*

My hubby, me, and our precious baby (If anyone wants to get my baby boy as a model just contact me haha)

I will not wear any makeup for 30 days starting tomorrow until my hubby and I are together again. If there’s a post with me wearing makeup, thats probably past photos aching to be posted for a review (ehem beauty blender, ruby woo, and teint innocence compact)

No foundation.
No lipgloss
No blush.
No eyeshadow.
Not even cheek or lip tints.
Not even tinted moisturizers.
Though.. I can still BUY makeup, just not USE it not until after 30 days

Nadda! For 30 days

Why am I doing this?

  1. To give my skin rest
  2. To see if my skin will look better for days without makeup on
  3. Just plain lazy, I feel so uninspired to look pretty without my hubby 🙁
  4. Want to challenge myself to focus on skincare
  5. Sorta new year’s resolution.

I am swearing my oath in this blog that I will only use moisturizer  + sunblock for protection.

I hope I can do this guys!

How about you? What are your new year’s resolution

Mine is: Will only purchase makeup and clothes within a limited weekly budget!


  • mandy

    A big challenge! But sometimes it's just one of those days/weeks where you don't feel like doing anything 😛 I don't think I've lasted a whole month without using anything though..Hmm maybe I should give this a try in the future 😛

    Good luck to you! ^__^
    Your baby is adorable :] I bet he'd make a great baby model!

  • Askmewhats

    I really don't have a resolution every year, hehehe maybe I just don't want to pressure myself!
    Kudos to your resolutions and I wish you will be able to do it! I think you can! I am sure you look good even without makeup 🙂

  • K

    hi mina! thanks! I'll try and join my kid in SCQ kids quest when he grows up a bit haha

    hi mandy! yep probably just one of those days.. but then I couldnt just do it!

    hi nikki! Im backing out!

    Hi everyone, after not wearing any makeup today, I feel like a naked mole rat. I will start wearing makeup again tomorrow, not full blast though.

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