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DIY Harley Quinn Hair Color from Suicide Squad (on dark hair)


HELLOOOO! Today I’ll be sharing with you how I got my DIY Harley Quinn Hair Color! I’m already an avid fan of DC’s Harley Quinn even before the trailers of Suicide Squad were coming out on the internet. My favorite characterization of Harley was in Batman the Animated Series because it was a perfect balance of comical humor and darkness. I can also relate to Harley’s character. She’s a damaged sociopath who’s lovestruck with her Joker. Willing to do anything for her puddin. Don’t underestimate her because beneath her funny facade, she’s a strong, ruthless violent and intelligent woman.

Semi-Permanent Hair Color Used – Arctic Fox


I used to be an avid Manic Panic  fan until the time came where I needed to use more than 1 color on my hair. Manic panic has the tendency to bleed, fade, and mix in with other colors when used together resulting in a muddy outcome. I researched for reviews online and discovered Artic Fox is a good brand if you want to use different colors on your hair at the same time. I purchased the shades Wrath (deep pink) and Aquamarine (Turquoise) not by choice but it was the only close shades available at the store. I bought this at Rainbow Head Store, 4 Strings Ukelele Bar at Cubao Expo. The 8 oz was 900php while the 4 oz was 600php. Bummer, almost all colors where out of stock so I stuck with these two.

STEP 1 – Tie Your Hair in Pig Tails


My hair was already bleached since December last year and from my previous purple hair, I let it fade down to ash silver. Now I want to have Harley Quinn Hair! Tie it evenly into 2 pony tails. The left side would be used for blue, the right side for pink. Make sure your hair is pre-washed and dried. DO NOT USE ANY CONDITIONER OR SERUMS BEFORE COLORING.

Step 2 – Color Application


Harley Quinn hair goals soon…


I used gloves to protect my skin from staining. Then left the hair color on my hair for 4 hours. The longer the better. Don’t be afraid to let it sit in. Artic Fox hair colors are actually moisturizing and non-damaging. Harley Quinn Hair Color!!!!

RESULTS – Harley Quinn Hair Color




This is how Harley Quinn Hair Color looks like when your hair is down and dark. I didn’t want the risk of bleaching my entire hair blonde so I opted a subtle dip dye instead. I LOVE IT.


Who says you can’t be both? HAHAHAHAHAHA I’m a unicorn. I’m in that crazy-hot scale. I’M THE PINAY HARLEY. SHET I LOVE WRITING FROM THE HEART.



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