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Rant: The SWISH Wallet

*I want to express my 200% gratitude on the nicest ebay seller, ms cathy, for allowing me to return this crap, and replace it with the wonderful envirosax instead.

I cannot believe I wasted 300 bucks on a piece of cheap, useless, plastic crap. That’s how I abhor this so called “wallet”. Reading the reviews, and also the description of the wallet, got me enticed to purchase one for myself. I was looking for a handy wallet that’s light, could hold my cards and cash, and I could wear so that I would not carry the usual wallet with loads of stuff.

According to their site:

it’s time to replace the old, beat up wallet! swish is the newest in thing that will carry your daily essentials — bills and cards (i.d., driver’s license, credit cards…and even your sd cards!). it is made from a waterproof plastic material that is very slim and can fit your pockets. you can also go handsfree coz it can be worn around your neck (lanyard is provided) … perfect for school, the beach, clubbing, shopping…and everywhere!

Well this is crap. I gave it a couple of days chance thinking I got a bad stock but NOOOOO. It’s loose, I wear it on my neck and it opens automatically making all my cards and cash fall off. When you open it it dislocates making it hard to close. It doesnt SNAP back. It SNAPS back using 200% effort and then a few moves, and its open again, revealing your hard earned cash and cards. It looks, CHEAP. Like it’s not worth even a hundred bucks, it looks and smells like cheap plastic shaped oddly like a wallet.

The seller told me I could replace it with a new stock of wallet, thinking I got a bad stock but if what I got was trash, talk about quality control.  I just asked her to get me an envirosax instead (which would be posted on a different topic, I love this bag!)

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