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Is there Some Good Left in this World?

There is some good left in this world. Someone picked up my phone, called my hubby, they met up somewhere and returned it. *thankful*


I lost my phone today. I’m not that sad, just frustrated and disappointed. It was an ordinary phone, used to call/sms friends, relatives, and business contact. It was one of the cheapest cherry mobile phones. P2 to be exact and just bought it last month.

I’m not fond of purchasing high-end cellphones, one reason is, I keep on losing em all the time. I don’t know if I have this bad luck with phones. But I end up using more than 3-5 phones in a year, due to loss.

I wasn’t expecting this. I left it in the taxi we rode earlier from the clinic. The driver seem to be a nice guy as well.
I called the phone, it was ringing, and then it finally went off. It’s not bat-empty coz I fully charged it. I texted it “maawa po kayo, mura lang po ang cellphone ko at kaisa-isa lang po yan, napakahalaga po sa akin, pakisoli naman po”

but to no avail, no reply, no response.

I cannot blame the person. The Philippines is a poor country, a very, very poor country. Where most people will always think about their own benefit before others. Where it’s a dog eat dog world. But is poverty really the cause? Or should pure evil be the one to blame.

Not all poor people are evil. Not all rich people are good. But if I could count the nice people I know, I’m not sure if the ratio would be 10% to 90% (evil)

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  • Askmewhats

    oh my on the "lost" phone, I feel sad too and frustrated, I know it is super easy to say…"I can't blame them coz they're poor" but if it happens to me, i'll be super pissed! argggh…Good things hopefully will come your way!

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