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Reasons to Choose a Cream Deodorant over a Stick or Roll On

Dealing with body odor can be a challenging affair, especially if you are a sweaty person. Some people prefer roll-on, while others may find deodorants more helpful. If you are environmentally conscious, a natural cream deodorant can be a better option than synthetic products. Natural creams are the go-to option for many because they are free of toxins like parabens, aluminum, and other harsh ingredients. Cream deodorants also come with many other benefits, which we will discuss in this article. First, let us begin by explaining what a cream deodorant is and what it contains.

What is a Cream Deodorant?

A cream deodorant comes in a jar or a compact tub and is applied to the underarms using your fingertips or administered with separate applicators. Applying this lotion on your elbows and wrists can also keep you from smelling bad.

Why Should You Go for a Cream Deodorant?

Here are a few reasons to choose cream deodorants over sticks and roll-ons. 

They are healthier for your skin – Cream deodorants benefit the skin, especially those containing essential and coconut oils. Traditional deodorants contain chemicals and parabens that may pose a health risk to your body or skin. Additionally, organic creams are less likely to give you an allergic reaction compared to synthetic sticks and roll-ons.

Last longer – Cream deodorants are long-lasting, going for over 13 to 18 hours without needing any reapplication. Moreover, they do not leave your arm feeling sticky or wet like most conventional rolls and stick deodorants. 

Cheaper and easy to carry – Getting a cream deodorant is also economical as it is much cheaper than the roll-on and stick. If you want something for on-the-go, it is a viable solution as you can carry it anywhere courtesy of its small size. 

Easy to share – Cream deodorants are also shareable as opposed to deodorant sticks since the cream can be applied by hand. This makes it easier to share them with your family members. 

Things to Note When Applying Deodorant Creams

  • Shower before applying the deodorant cream
  • During application, start with a small sizable amount, then build up, if needed. Applying too much cream can leave your armpit sticky. 
  • Keep your armpits dry before you apply the cream; this will ensure that it works as effectively as desired.
  • Reapply the deodorant throughout the day if you sweat a lot. Your armpit must be clean before application, so cleaning it with a tissue before applying the cream is recommended.
  • Apply the cream on your inner thighs, behind your knees, and other areas prone to too much sweating.
  • Avoid using cracked armpits. 

Are All Cream Deodorants Good for You?

When you purchase cream deodorants, looking at the ingredients is always a good idea. Ensure you look out for allergens and the presence of harsh chemicals and alcohol that may irritate your skin. Some deodorant creams won’t work well with your skin. If you want to play it safe when choosing a cream deodorant for the first time, go for the smallest bottle you can find. Apply it on a small area of your skin and observe how your skin reacts to it. If you have no allergic reactions, then you can start using it.

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