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Resisting Alzheimer’s: 5 Fun Games to Strengthen Your Brain

As you start to age, it’s crucial to spend time practicing skills to strengthen your brain, keep neural connections fresh, and help with short-term memory. In fact, these brain games can do more than just keep mental faculties sharp; they have even been proven to help prevent Alzheimer’s, dementia, and other brain-related disorders that are unfortunately very common in old age. The best part is that these games are not only a great way to help mental acuity, but they’re also loads of fun, making it easy to squeeze in some mental training that doesn’t feel like hard work.

Some of the people affected most by dementia and Alzheimer’s are in Senior Living Communities. While these games can be downloaded at the app store and played at any time, it’s still a good idea to do things like fun physical activities, other brain games like puzzles or board games, or even just socializing with other residents. It’s crucial to keep the neural connections in the brain flourishing since they’re so essential to cognitive function. Here are the top five fun games that can help strengthen your noggin.

  1. Sudoku

This fun numbers game exploded in popularity a few years ago and can be found in virtually any newspaper in America. There are also plenty of apps or downloadable puzzles available online. This number placement game will help hone short-term memory and involves a lot of trial and error and consequences. The planning involved also helps with concentration and focus, which are crucial for helping maintain essential brain skills.

  1. Lumosity

Lumosity is one of the leading programs for mental fitness and brain training games. They offer free accounts that allow three games each day or pay for a subscription service that offers more options. One of the best parts of Lumosity is that they provide in-depth data to keep track of results and improvements over time. Their games, activities, tests, and training exercises are backed by science, making them some of the most effective for brain-strengthening activities.

  1. Dakim

Dakim is a program that uses games and puzzles to give your brain and mental skills a good hard workout in the hopes of sharpening mental fitness. They have multiple different individual exercises specifically designed to help with things like attention to detail, concentration, focus, and other mental tasks that can help prevent Alzheimer’s and related dementia symptoms.

  1. Brain Metrix

The great part about Brain Metrix is that it’s a free service, which offers a wide variety of color, memory, creativity, spatial intelligence, and other brain training games and activities to help refine important skills. The games they offer can help significantly with keeping mental faculties sharp, even in old age.

  1. Fit Brains Trainer

This app is designed to get more difficult as you advance through the puzzles and games, which provides a unique way to challenge overall mental ability. It offers a great way to give your brain a workout, improve cognitive function, and assess your current level to provide a comprehensive training program. The best part is that this game allows for challenging family and friends, which is a fun way to spend time playing with them or competing. At the same time, the puzzles and games are designed to boost brain health while you’re socializing in a contact-free way. Win-win!

Try These 5 Games to Strengthen Your Brain and Help Prevent Alzheimer’s

Keeping your brain in tip-top condition can become more challenging as you age. It can be very scary thinking about dealing with health conditions like Alzheimer’s and dementia. It’s vital to spend time and effort honing critical thinking and cognitive skills to help prevent the onset of these debilitating diseases. With the help of these five apps and games, you can sharpen those crucial mental abilities and have some fun at the same time too. 


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