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How to Speed Up Your Digital Transactions Even Further

One of the biggest advantages of digital transactions, such as those made through mobile wallets, is that they’re so much faster. With just a few taps on your phone, you can already send money, pay bills, and shop within just a few minutes. You don’t even have to leave the comfort and safety of your home!

However, today’s fast-paced society is becoming even more demanding of everyone’s time and energy. That’s why it’s only logical to look for ways to further speed up day-to-day activities and processes to make them more efficient. Luckily, when it comes to digital transactions, there are plenty of simple things you can do to accomplish these goals. Here are some tips to help you get started:

Link Bank Accounts for Adding Money

What’s great about mobile wallets nowadays is that they’re quite accessible. Even if you don’t have a bank account, you can simply drop by a convenience store or even a remittance center to top-up your account for all your transactions. However, in order to quickly cash in to your mobile wallet in the fastest way possible, it’s still best to link a bank account. This way, you can add money anytime, anywhere.

Linking a bank account also eliminates all the extra steps of going outside, filling out forms, and counting your money. As a bonus, because linking your bank account to your mobile wallet makes the process fully contactless, you can substantially minimize your exposure to pollutants and harmful germs. You also do away with paper forms and receipts, contributing in your own little way towards saving the planet.

Save Frequent Billers and Accounts

Mobile wallets and banking apps have the option for you to save frequent billers and transfer accounts. Different companies may have different processes, but the final result remains the same: you no longer have to input the details of the biller or the transfer account. All you have to do is to tap on the correct entry on the list and then enter the amount needed.  

Doing this not only speeds up your transactions but also helps minimize errors. Of course, mobile wallets and banking apps can assist you in reversing some erroneous transactions. Still, it’s better to do it right the first time around for your peace of mind!

Add Favorites and Shortcuts

Aside from saving a biller or account number for easy reference, you also have the option to tag your most frequent transactions as a favorite or its equivalent. This further speeds up your transactions, particularly if you have a lot of entries in your frequent billers list. This is ideal for utilities, especially for accounts with a fixed amount per month (e.g., your postpaid phone bill or your internet connection bundle). Usually, you only have to complete one transaction and you can already tag it as a favorite.

There are also mobile wallets that let you mark your favorite billers, just in case you have more than one account with them (e.g., banks). Finally, don’t forget to create a shortcut for the app on your home screen so you can easily access it whenever you need it.

Activate Biometric Log-In

Depending on the mobile wallet you’re using, you can activate biometric log-in through fingerprint scanning. You can also choose a screen pattern instead of fingerprint if you prefer. These two methods will cut a few more seconds from the process, when you compare it to log-ins via password or PIN. Log-in via fingerprint or screen pattern can also prevent errors.

Of course, make sure to secure your account by upgrading or verifying your account and activating 2FA. You should also protect your phone as much as you can. Aside from biometrics and using secure folders for apps, consider turning on the “Find My Phone” feature or its equivalent so you can protect all your apps just in case your phone gets lost.

Make Sure the App Is Updated

Sometimes, the reason your apps (not just your mobile wallet) are slowing down is because you don’t have the latest version. Check your phone’s corresponding app marketplace and see if there are updates to be downloaded. Newer versions of any app usually have bug fixes and other optimizations so that they will run as smoothly as possible even on older models of phones.

Speaking of phones, you should also make sure that your phone has the latest software updates. Doing this will help speed up the processing time and also make sure that your phone is protected from most digital security threats.

Mobile wallets and similar apps are designed provide their users with the utmost cashless convenience. With speedy and secure transactions, you can completely transform the way you pay bills and make purchases. Together with the above-mentioned tips, you can make sure that you’ll have the most seamless and secure experience possible.

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