Review and Swatch: Bobbi Brown Art Stick in Cherrywood

What? Bobbi Brown Art Stick in Cherrywood
How much does it cost? 1,500PHP
Where to buy? Bobbi Brown Counters

I was lucky to receive my second Bobbi Brown makeup product from my Pond’s loot bag last month it’s supposed to be a lip crayon, lip liner, and lipstick in one but with emolient and moisturizing properties.

According to Bobbi Brown… A two-in-one color in an on-the-go package that delivers a punch of color to lips. Lipstick meets liner—this chunky pencil glides on effortlessly and delivers a creamy matte finish to punch up any look instantly. The perfect blend of emollients and shea butter creates a rich creamy texture that allows for smooth and effortless application with incredibly comfortable wear. The enclosed sharpener ensures a precision application every time.


It’s a very warm rose red with brown undertones. It’s not quite a summer color because I prefer wearing pinks or peaches during summertime. I’d be glad to use this end of the year.  It applies on very sheer on the lips. I find that whenever I need to feel and look more mature, I reach out to this lipstick and ta-da! I feel 10 years older. It has a decent staying power and leaves a slight tint even after meals or drinking.

I wear this during business meetings or whenever I have the need to look more serious.
It’s red color is not as bold, and it’s not as scary deep red compared to plums or purples. I imagine this lip color being worn by my tita, mom or lola. I do love the formulation, while it does literally smell like wood!
I would like to venture onto other shades of this Art Stick, my mom is a true blue Bobbi Brown fan and I love their shimmer brick. How about you? Have you tried Bobbi Brown Art Stick? What shades can you recommend? I’d love to hear what you think!


  • Matromao

    I've been hating on lipstick pencils because of the need to sharpen, but I've finally tried Nars Matte Velvet (Dragon Girl) and–hmph, ok, fine–it's kind of worth the effort and the pencil shavings. Yun lang nga, at least Bobbi Brown automatically comes with a sharpener for that price. Nars requires another PHP 300 shell-out to get the designated sharpener, or I have to haul ass to the department store to find a decent sharpener dupe.

    This color does look very corporate-serious, Kaycee. Nice, though I don't think this ages you naman. 🙂

  • kikaysikat

    Gusto ko try yung sa clinique na chubby sticks nila!

    Off topic pero gusto ko din nung bagong blush nila ngayon! rave reviews sa temptalia!

  • jvcaparas28

    Sodium Hydroxide is not an "Oxygen or Cleansing Oxygen". It is used in soap making (soap, facial wash and shampoo). You're making a review with a wrong info.

  • kikaysikat

    🙂 it is oxygen derived. Yup it is an ingredient in using soap pero hydroxide is

    Hydroxide is a diatomic anion with chemical formula OH−. It consists of an OXYGEN and a hydrogen atom held together by a covalent bond, and carries a negative electric charge. It is an important but usually minor constituent of water.Wikipedia

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