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Review: DeoNat Stick Deodorant

Okay.. I hope you guys wont get disappointed that I wont post pictures of my underarm here! (haha disappointed, I think you’re more relieved :p )

I had dark underarms ever since I reached puberty. I was awkward and couldnt wear what I wanted too. I tried out bleaching creams, whitening deodorants, etc. But none helped. It even made my UA worse.

I grew tired 2 years ago and said, BLAH! blah with dark UA, Ill just settle with something simple and so I grabbed the stick looking deodorant at Watson’s since it was cheap and simple (pure alum chloride) and it said in the back it didnt stain clothes so triple yay!

It took a while, but I was surprised when I checked out my underarm a few weeks back. They were significantly lighter and I was pregnant! Pregnancy should make my underarms even blacker. They were smooth, and chicken skin was actually diminished. I just used this for the whoole year on my UAs.
This is my HG deodorant.

The only thing that bothers me is it doesnt have enough protection against sweat and odor, at the end of a hot day, if I try to sniff my UAs, it has that BO smell. Haha.. but far away it doesnt.. if I just sniffed reaaally hard. It also gets a bit moist too.
but all in all
5 stars!!
Where to buy: Watson’s, Mercury Drugstore, Supermarket, and other Stores where deodorants are available


  • ~tHiAmErE~

    I saw this at Watson too & wanted to try it for myself. But sadly, i can't find one na. I don't know where it goes…nawala na lang..

    but as soon as i see 1 in watson i'll grab 2 na!
    as far as i remember its really cheap & with it being like a solid alum, then it will last a long time.

  • anneklein814

    question: the one you're using is the blue one? coz i think there's a green one with aloe. if the one that whitened your underarm is the blue one, then that one i'll try! 🙂

    how long did you use it before you saw the effects?

  • Shiela Mae

    I tried Deonat ung color yelow,, ung binabasa pa bago gamitin. . . infernes hindi sia nakaka itim ng UA, , , pumuti din ang kilikili ko,, kaso nga lang nd bagay sakin kc nag papawis talaga ung U.A ko.. I have excessive sweating. . . nd sia compatible sa may excessive sweating and also ung stone ay parang nag iiba ung amoy katagalan. . .

  • quicksilver

    I wish this product existed when I reached puberty. The
    aluminum-ridden commercial antiperspirant-deodorants (Dove in my case)
    caused darkening of my UA's. I'm not able to wear sleeveless for 10
    years now and it's a constant struggle with my self-confidence.

    DeoNat is a deodorant, NOT an antiperspirant.
    A deodorant neutralizes odor, but doesn't prevent sweating.
    An antiperspirant prevents sweating, in effect, prevents odor.

    from the definition, an antiperspirant may look enticing at first, but
    NO. The UA's are meant to sweat by nature, but they are not meant to
    smell. Apart from urinating, perspiration is the body's PERFECTLY
    NATURAL way of eliminating toxins from the blood. The more you try to
    block sweat on your UA's, the more stinky it gets because of the toxins
    your antiperspirant locks in. While there have been debates over the
    toxicity of the aluminum chlorohydrate present in antiperspirants, I can
    attest it does darken skin. Do not go the unfortunate path I took. I
    was young and naive. I wish I knew before what I know now.

    Let your UA's sweat as it is meant to be, it's healthy. You only have to neutralize the odor. Go with natural deos like DeoNat.

    Have good day ladies!

    • Caty Anin

      Hello, may I know what milcu you are using? I have tried the powder one however I got rashes after using it for almost 3 weeks so I stopped it.

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