Review: Eau Thermale Avene Spring Water

What? Eau Thermale Avene Spring Water
How much? 500php – 1,500php
Where to buy? Soshal Mercury Drug, Soshal Watson’s (selected Mercury Drug and Watson’s hehe)

Well, we’ve heard about all the spring water sprays. Most makeup artists use it to set makeup, I think rich people use it to feel refreshed. I always thought of them as something nice to have but isn’t necessary to use. I mean, it’s just water in a spray bottle right? But after trying the product for myself. I can say that I wish I had a lot of money so I can always have this in my beauty stash! Description of Eau Thermale Avene Spring Water next and my Full Review at the end of this post.
Gem of RareGem.Net having a personalized skin consultation

Their sunblocks are perfect for sensitive skin because of the high spf50PA++ and that it also uses their magical spring water. I use this for baby Geof!

Their best selling product, the thermal spring water! I use it on different parts of my body and works like magic! I had low expectations and was thinking this is just water but it eased my doubts!

REVIEW – Packaging

My sample came in a small 50ml bottle. They claim that their thermal spring water is packed and never exposed in the air. It’s first exposure is your first spray thus it’s 100% purity. Once sprayed, it gives out a really fine mist. It’s best to spray within an arm’s length away from the area.

REVIEW – Effects

  • Whenever my skin gets red due to sensitivity or heat, I just spray this and after a few seconds voila! Redness gone
  • After getting a new tattoo on my leg, it itches sooo sooo bad when it heals. Whenever I feel itchy, I just spray this on my tattoo (which is perfectly safe because this thermal spring water is so pure) it eases the itch away and helped it heal faster
  • You can use this to instantly treat skin irritation.

Final Thoughts

I’m almost running out of product after using it consistently for 5 weeks now. I always spray it on my healing tattoo. Will I buy again? Maybe…. but next time I’ll buy the biggest size. Mas sulit kasi compared to getting the smaller one. I think the largest size of 250ml cost’s around 1,500 so you get more product for the price.

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