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After giving birth to a super cute baby a few years back, I have been struggling with excess weight, and excess skin. Some moms are lucky enough not to have any stretchmarks or unsightly fat on their bellies after giving birth, I was part of the unfortunate few. 
Always wore a coverup, haha ut this jump shot revealed what it shouldn’t ! 
I constantly battled with the love handles. I wanted to wear the stylish cropped tops or strut in a 2-piece bikini but unable to do so because I was ashamed. Embarassed. I had to take action. Since 2012, I consistently worked out at the gym, and tried to eat healthy as much as I can. But diet and exercise can only do so much, my skin needs to be tightened.
I consulted with Dr. Kayla from Skin Philosophie Clinic UK, and she suggested for me to try their Therma-Conductive Body Scultping Treatment According to Dr. Kyla of Skin Philosophie Clinic, at least 6 to 10 treatments 3 to 4 days apart are needed to deliver more obvious results.
Just like in tummy tuck and liposuction, the Therma-Conductive Body Sculpting Treatment has to be coupled with diet and exercise for you to keep the fat off. RF destroys fat that is already there, but if you keep on overeating, new fat will be deposited.

It feels very warm. During the 40 minute process, I actually felt like having a hot stone massage. I fell asleep right away! Haha! Their Body Sculpting Treatment works by burning the deep seated fat deposits in our body that exercise alone can’t burn! Then, after the treatment, these fat deposits will be excreted via waste (urine/poop)



The Beach Photos

Ayan, finally, after 500 years, I finally gained and mustered up enough courage to wear a bikini at the beach. These photos were taken during our trip to Palawan last February. 

Final Thoughts

I’ll be getting more sessions of their THERMA-CONDUCTIVE BODY SCULPTING TREATMENT in order to achieve a tighter skin on my tummy. Especially now that I’m working out to get fit, it’s inevitable that with quick weight loss and shrinkage, the skin can’t keep up as fast, thus the stretchmarks. I’ll be getting the treatments to avoid it and hopefully *crosses fingers* my post-partum stretchmarks will lighten completely!

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