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Review: Issey Miyake L’eau d’Issey City Blossom

What? L’Eau d’Issey City Blossom
How much does it cost? P5,900 (90ml) P4,400(75ml)
Where to buy? It’s available in leading department stores nationwide.
When the photos you use in your blog resembles the filters you use on your instagram grids, that’s a surefire way to know you’re getting OC na on how everything looks! Hahaha.. Sweet, clean, and crisp. These edits also resemble how the latest flanker from Issey Miyake from L’eau d’Issey 1992.

flanker –  a flanker refers to newly created perfume that shares some attributes of an already existing perfume. These attributes may be the name, packaging or notes of the existing fragrance.

Fragrance Inspiration

It’s a joint collaboration with perfumer Alberto Morillas and visual street artist Mademoiselle Maurice. Literally inspired by flowers on the city blossom. The colors on top of the walls. Giving lush warmth in the harsh city. Bright and cheerful top notes with dry down of soft floral musk
Did you know that Mademoiselle Maurice, uses origami and pastes them on the wall to create beautiful works of art.The box packaging and the bottle itself includes this magnificent artwork. The visual identity of City Blossom. Paper folded into lilies and butterfly that is ready to roam Paris. Now let’s go to the important stuff. How does Issey Miyake smell?

Perfume Description

Top Notes – Citrus accords, pink pepper, calone.
Heart – Osmanthus, freesia, magnolia (white flowers)
Base – Virginian cedar, white musk and ambrox (wood, musk, and amber)

Learn more about base, top, notes, longevity, and sillage on my Perfume Reviews and Basic Guide Page


Since this is an EDT and made for summer, it has moderate longevity and can last a good 3-4 hours up until the base notes on your skin.


It has moderate to heavy sillage. People a few feet away from you will definitely catch a whiff of your scent. This fragrance is for people who demands attention. They will get it.

My Review

It’s a very sophisticated scent that had aquatic and freshness to it. Compared to its androgynous predecessor, L’eau d’Issay; this one screams femininity with the addition of the white florals. Catching a whiff of this fragrance would remind you of the 90’s in a good nostalgic way. I love musky and woody drydowns because it’s very sensual. The pepper and flowers give it a modern kick.
The bottle itself is very elegant, inspired by the Eiffel tower of Paris with hints of the origami designed by Mademoiselle Maurice.

Where to wear this perfume?

Since it’s fresh and floral. You can wear this everyday to work, or on first dates (or seconds) it’s a playsafe fragrance that won’t cause any negative reactions to people who’d get the sillage.

If you love _____ you’ll love Issey

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  • Bvlgari Jasmin Noir
  • L’eau d’Issey
  • Lanvin Lanvin Me L’eau
  • Cacharel Loulou
  • Karl Lagerfield Karl Lagerfield for her

Do you love perfumes? What’s your favorite this summer? I love fragrances so much that I keep on collecting them even if I already have my signature scent. Looking forward to more fragrance reviews!


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