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REVIEW: JBL Endurance Sprint | Earphones that will NEVER fallout!

Hello everyone! Today we’re going to review my 5th earphones this year, the JBL Endurance Sprint (Price: 3,199php).

A good pair of wireless earphones is a must-have during workouts. It cancels out all the annoying noise (and the corny gym music) and let’s me focus on accomplishing my sets.

I’ve lost count on how many times I’ve lost my wireless earphones and it’s frustrating. Who’s to blame? My memory-gap forgetful self. My previous wireless earphone models are: JBL T110BT (3x) and JBL T205BT (1x). This month I got myself a pair of JBL Endurance Sprint that hopefully I can hold-on to more than a year. Been using them on my workouts and I’m in love.

Photos, review, manual, and demo below.

JBL Endurance SPRINT

JBL Endurance Sprint Fitness

Let nothing stop your workout. Wireless and IPX7 waterproof, the JBL Endurance SPRINT headphones are always up for a run, and with Speed Charge you can get an hour of listening time after charging the 8hr battery for just 10 minutes. Supremely comfortable with FlexSoft™ ear tips and TwistLock™ technology, these secure fit buds were designed from the ground up to amplify your workout.

They’re guaranteed never to hurt or fall out, while touch controls let you easily manage music and MagHook™ lets you secure them conveniently close at hand when you’re done using them.

Price: 3,199php


JBL Endurance SPRINT Manual and How to Turn On


Funny that I almost threw away the manual after opening the box. As I was ready to use my earphones, I couldn’t find any buttons I can press. LOL. So there I went back to the garbage bin and read the manual. Here are some controls that you may find helpful.

Remember that the controls are on the RIGHT.

  1. How to turn on JBL Endurance Sprint? Long-press JBL label for 3 seconds
  2. How to turn off? Long-press JBL label for 5 seconds
  3. Play/Press? 1 Tap
  4. Forward? 2 Taps
  5. Backward? 3 Taps
  6. Volume control? Slide the left-most corner up and down

It’s a bit confusing at first because it’s flat, and there isn’t any vibration to let you know if you already pressed it. You’ll just know because it worked. Maybe this is a room for improvement for JBL?


JBL Endurance Sprint Review


Each box contains extra buds in size M and L, and a USB Type-A cable for charging. 


Charging time: 80 minutes

Battery Life: 8 hrs on full-charge

It only takes 10 minutes to get 1 hr of battery life thanks to its flash charging technology!


The buds are ergonomically shaped to ensure comfort and 0 falling. It’s also IPX7 waterproof!



They’re very light and sturdy. From lifting barbells, stretching, to high-impact movements like kettlebell swings. It can handle all the movements of my workout without falling out! 

My previous earphones feel painful when worn for a long time, this one doesn’t. You’d even forget it’s on! I won’t leave home without it and let’s pray that I don’t lose it anytime soon T_T

At 3,199php, JBL Endurance Sprint is an amazing pair of wireless earphones with a reasonable price. Highly recommended to anyone, active in sports or not!


JBL Endurance Sprint Demo




Where to buy? JBL Endurance Sprint at Lazada or at Shopee Philippines











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