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Review: PICKLE.PH and my Honest Thoughts About Food Subscription Services


That’s actually the reason why I’m not getting the results I want on my body despite my consistent visit to the gym working on my routines. 

Our body is 70% diet and 30% exercise, and when I mention the word diet, it doesn’t necessarily mean starving yourselves by restricting your calorie portions too much.



That’s where PICKLE.PH comes in. It’s a food subscription service that delivers meals on daily basis and its portion depends on your nutritional needs. I like using the term food subscription more than diet delivery because it just sounds less restrictive. Since I was staying in Manila for a few weeks for macho kid’s summer vacation, why not try them out?

My honest review below!



  1. Signature – Starts at 140php per meal

2. Lean and Clean – Starts at 160php per meal

3. Performance Plan – Starts at 190php per meal


Portion Size

Yep! You’ve read it right. You’re not just choosing what to eat, you also get to decide how many carbs, fat, and protein you need on a daily basis. If you need help in deciding, they have an in-house nutritionist that will do it for you at no extra cost!


Nutritional Assessment

First step I did was answer their assessment from their certified nutritionist. You can see a few of my answers below to get an idea what’s my usual fitness and food lifestyle.


My Performance Plan

Yep! As I’ve expected. I was assigned to a 1,800 calorie high protein diet. I was super stoked! When I do it myself, I usually resort to boring chicken breast, fish fillets, and egg whites. This got me curious on what they can bring to the table. 

Here’s what a typical meal from PICKLE.PH looks like. Do you see the beautiful proportion of protein? If I were to attempt to replicate it myself, to be honest I couldn’t! I’d probably end up eating whatever I crave for in a restaurant.

Also special thanks for considering my intense disgust for the herb coriander/cilantro. I’m one of the few genetically unlucky who tastes cilantro like dish washing soap. 


and take a look at the portions! 


They don’t just prepare any food. Dishes are well thought off every single week. 

I know you’re going to ask “how’s the taste?” next. 

These people know how to use their herbs and spices to their advantage. Their meals are not salty, yet seasoned well enough not to taste bland. It’s got hefty and filling servings of vegetables and meat. 


They also have cold press juices to partner with your meal plan. My DETOX juice is a combination of Pure Barley Grass Powder and Pickle’s own fresh fruit and vegetable blend that helps you remove and eliminate toxins while feeding your body with a healthy dose of nutrients.

They do not use any added sugars, flavourings, or preservatives.



Final Thoughts

Now here’s the thing. To achieve the results you want with your body, CONSISTENCY IS KEY.

As a blogger & mom who’s always out and about. There are days where I wasn’t able to eat my meals because I couldn’t take them with me (although I wish I could!). So there I go back to the resto and eat on top of my subscription plan.

Subscribing to PICKLE.PH would be perfect if you’re an office employee. Imagine, you just have to go to your pantry’s refrigerator, re-heat your meal and eat! It can actually save you cash too because you won’t be tempted to spend on fastfood or restaurants.

See my progress photo right there? Partida pa yan ha! What if I had more discipline? What if I was more consistent? Ede mas macho mom bod goals!

Whether you want to lose weight, gain extra pounds, or simply maintain. There’s a perfect PICKLE.PH plan for you! 🙂


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Note: I was compensated to write a review on their services and feature their food on my social media. This however would not hinder me from writing my honest thoughts and opinion.


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