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Of Karma, Good Juju and Making Things Right

Yes it’s beer.

There are times you would ask yourself. “Why do things don’t work out they way we want them to be” no matter how hard you try, or how much you want it.

Juju : A gypsy’s word for luck.
Good juju can stem from almost any good deed: saving a kitten, or returning a lost book. Bad juju can be spread just as easily.

Oh and while you’re at it, try to play and listen to this while reading this blog post :}

Failures. My cousin and I were having a conversation this evening about how surrounding ourselves with negative vibes affects the present and future. Negativity doesn’t exist only when we think that way, it also gears towards us when people around us, friends or foes, have ill will. It latches on to us. We feel it, and what we feel affects our behavior, how we act. We set ourselves to failure if we the foundation of our primary goals is built on 2 things. Lies and hurting people. It builds up the bad juju that kicks us right in the ass when we least expect it, resulting in disappointments. Let me tell you a couple of stories:

Danielle was obsessed with her image of Chris in her mind, and made it her primary goal to make him hers. With careful planning and action, successful she was. She presented herself differently from who she really was in order for him to be attracted. They were together for years but nothing good came out of it. It never felt right.It was a relationship sprung from lust alone. It was forced. Initially people were against their relationship so they kept it a secret and upset a lot of people in the process. When they couldn’t keep it any longer, those same people forced them to commit. Not only that, the bad juju kept on coming. From financial to emotional loss. She couldn’t keep up pretending forever, and Chris wasn’t the man she thought he was..  Imagine yourself wearing a mask every single day you are with the person you say you love. You can barely breath, you face covered in sweat because of the heat. Eventually you’d get tired. Both of them did. It didn’t end well. Nothing does. Charge it to experience.

Bianca, on the other hand took her time to know Michael. She wasn’t the first one who fell in love. She took him home, introduced him to her family even if she knew Michael wasn’t perfect. He was a single father. Her family disagreed with her initially, but instead of hiding her relationship; she made the effort of bringing Mike closer to her family. He courted her; and her family. They dated for some time, did not rush things, and made sure it wasn’t just sex that kept them going. Eventually her family accepted Mike. Good juju came in. Everyone was happy. They’re soon to be married while I’m writing this.

Achieve what you want with being real. Don’t go against the flow and everything will fall into place. Collect good juju. Do random acts of kindness and not let anyone know. But please, don’t be like most people that will publicize it on Facebook to create a false image of themselves. These small things will build up and somehow in the entirety of the karmic circle, come back to you as more than you hoped for.

How would you know if he/she’s the one? . When you do not feel an ounce of jealousy or insecurity when you are apart. You don’t pretend to be someone you’re not and both of you accept for what you really are. When it is effortless. You don’t try. You just do.

Afraid you already started it wrong? Don’t be. It’s never too late to change direction. Never too late.

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