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Review: Styli Style Hipsticks

I got a tube of this as a freebie when I bought several styli style eyeliners from ebay; I love the eyeliners and brow liners so much that I hoarded. They are so worth it and one of the best liners I’ve tried. I would make a comparative and full review on this liners soon.
This however was a slight disappointment. I got the one in flower power which looked like a nice rosey shade basing on the tube color and swatches but lo behold, it made my lips too frosty. It is frosty. It is VERY frosty. Can I say frosty again? 
Hipstick is supposed to be a perfect combination of lipstick and lipgloss in one cute tube, but for me, it’s 80% frost and 20% pigment. Boy don’t let me talk about the smell. It’s a mix of playdoh and chocolate and plastic, and rotting lipstick.
This has no staying power at all and once the pigment is gone, youre left with ugly silver glitter on your lips.
The only good thing I could say about this lipstick is that it didnt make it dry. Its quite moisturizing and texture is nice.
If you can stand the smell, glitter, and frost, then go ahead and buy this. Try it out. I have full lips and frosty lipstick is a big nono for me. I think this will look good on gals who have thin lips who want that extra pout.


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