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Review: The Body Shop Shiso BB Cream

On my last posts, Ive been discussing about different skincare since my skin has been breaking out really badly. Poor old me also kept on searching for makeup that can effectively hide my acne and scars without contributing to more of them in replacement haha. My current makeup are not working for me and seem to be clogging up my pores (Chanel, Shu, Legere, Clarins)
The purchasing of these products have a very silly coincidental story.

1.       I was supposed to purchase my to-go safe foundation, VMV Skin Savvy SPF 60 but upon arrival at the store at boni heights, it’s out of stock since December 2010 and have no idea

 When they will have new stocks.

2.       Next stop, Shiseido White Lucent Spot Correcting Foundation. Went to Shiseido and to my surprise, they still had old stocks of foundation and white lucent was inexistent.
3.       Went back to Market Market a bit dismayed, dropped by The Body Shop because of the huge “SALE” sign (yes, I’m a victim..) and got intrigued with their new Shiso Line and hey, the BB cream is 20% off and their 2-way is 40% off!The Body Shop Shiso BB Cream

The key ingredient, shiso extract, has been especially chosen for this sophisticated collection. This shiso plant has been used in the Moisture White™ collection, as it can reduce early melanin-making signals even before the hyperpigmentation process and melanin production cycle starts – helping prevent uneven skin tone, brown spots and freckles. By focusing on early melanin activation, Moisture White™ helps minimise dark spots formation and discolouration. The benefits of shiso also mean that cells in the epidermis can improve the appearance of dark spots on the skin’s surface, so you can enjoy renewed skin confidence.
Shiso extract is combined with Vitamin C, liquorice and Community Trade organic aloe, a blend of ingredients providing the Moisture White™ range with the efficiency to address hyperpigmentation. Vitamin C is included as it provides antioxidant protection, helping to reduce melanin production. Liquorice extract from the root of the Glycyrrhiza Glabra plant is chosen by The Body Shop for the Moisture White™ collection as it helps address hyperpigmentation.
The key ingredients featured in The Body ShopMoisture White Shiso Collection are:
·                     Shiso Extract — reduces melanin making signals (this plant is also known as Japanese Basil)
·                     Vitamin C — provides antioxidant protection to reduce melanin production
·                     Licorice Extract — helps address hyperpigmentation
·                     Community Trade Organic Aloe – to moisturise and hydrate skin
·                     Batyl Alcohol – which helps to reduce skins response to the melanin attack on the skin
Still not convinced, I asked the nice SA to test both the BB cream and powder foundation on my skin. I liked the SA at Market Market branch, she’s not snooty like most Body Shop SA’s are *ehemMegamall*ehem* it looked so good that even if their BB cream and Foundation only provides sheer-medium coverage, it covered my acne and scars effectively. The range also promises to lessen hyperpigmentation and prevent skin darkening/melasma + SPF 35 (oh how I love SPFs, please please use SPF)
I was wowed with how natural and even toned my skin looked. This morning my officemate told me that I looked haggard and dull. Returning after lunchtime, she asked me “Nagpafacial ka ba?” My skin looked that good and fresh!  However, after a few hours, I looked in the mirror and saw a dreaded laugh line. It sank to my laugh line that isnt even noticeable without makeup.
But a few touch here and there and it looks okay again. It’s also not recommended for oily skinned gals because it’s very moisturizing and considering I have dry skin, it oiled up on me hehe.
Will I buy again? Probably not because I’m the type of person who really don’t usually loyally stick to something unless it super super super awesome and legend… wait for it…
(Apologies for my HIMYM reference, I’m in love with Barney’s character even though he’s openly gay in real life, he’s such a good actor he can carry the role of a womanizer!)Click here for the BB Cream Reviews: The Ultimate List


  • K

    @mina – yeah and made me feel old. oddly though I used both products today, and it did not settle into any lines, I used a different moisturizer today.

    @michelle – yep,and his husband is hot as well, they have twins too (both from their sperm implanted on a surrogate mom)

  • K

    Hi I cant remember the exact price but I got the BB cream for around 800 pesos and the 2-way foundation for 1000 pesos more or less 🙂

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