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[Update] What’s Happening?

Is it a bad case of writer’s block? Have I been to busy to blog? Am I too lazy to update?
I’m sorry everyone 🙁 It’s all of the above. I’ve been busy, lazy, and having a bad case of writer’s block even if I got tons of pictures already uploaded and articles to post (but not yet written)

First, I’ve been busy with my “career”. I’m never been happy with my current job and in my opinion, one should be happy and satisfied in his/her field in order to work well, and not the other way around. I’m thanking God that he gave me an opportunity to have a fresh start, a good long rest, and of course, a higher paycheck haha! (plus plus plus! having more time with my baby geof 🙂 )

Next, yes I have been lazy, particularly because I’m on a continuous streak of project no buy for around 2 months now. Yes, 2 months, cheers cheers!! It does not mean that I don’t have any lemmings for makeup though, I already have a list swirling around my head. But I told myself that it’s important to finish up what I have before buying a new one. I have 2 more liquid foundations to finish, 1 powder foundation, and a LOT of blushes and lipsticks. With mascara as an exception since I always replace mine every 3 months. I have to finish a shade of something, or the product itself before getting another one. It’s quite an achievement because in the past few years, I’ve always been a super shopaholic. I guess reality bit me already and made me realize to prioritize savings and investments first before buying “wants” or “luho”.

Last, and yes last but not the least, a bad case of writer’s block. Which is quite ironic since I’ve also been on a reading streak and finished quite a few books in a short amount of time. I’m currently reading a short story compilation “Blind Willow Sleeping Woman” by Murakami, and his style of wrting has definitely caught my interest in reading more of his works. I just finished World War Z, and Little Prince (I read this book 4x already, when I was 8, when I was 14, 17, and now that I’m 23) Haha there, I revealed my age >_<

I miss you guys, especially my frequent readers, even if you don’t get to post your comments a lot, when I check out my stats page, and see visitors that have their favorite blog posts. Fret not, I will come back when I’ve settled down, in a month or maybe two.

Hope you don’t forget this little blog of mine.. 🙂

Love lots


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