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Revlon Ultra HD Matte Lip Color in Flirtation Review

If you’ve been following me on instagram (@heyitsmekaycee) you would know that Revlon Philippines sent me 3 of their Ultra HD Matte Lip Colors to try. However, one shade stood out. Matte nude lip colors are still definitely in and Revlon Ultra HD Matte Lip Color Flirtation is perfection.


One of the sleekest packaging I’ve seen lately


The velvety texture of the lip color and the plush applicator.


A closer look… at my nostrils. I forgot to crop LOL.


Packaging – GORGEOUS. The product is enclosed in a sleek matte glass in a flat oval tube.  The applicator is soft and plush to feel. It gets the right amount of product for your lips with one dip.
Staying Power – My lips barely chapped when I was wearing it. However it is not kiss-proof and transfer-proof. I saw a kiss mark on le bf’s cheeks after hehehe (proven thru testing with kissing le bf LOL)
Shade/Finish – It’s a skin-toned color  lipstick bordering on coral. You need 2 layers for the color to fully show up.
Texture – They are smooth to apply and with a 100% wax-free / gel-based formula. Applies smoothly. Dries on matte. What does it mean? Unlike most matte lip colors, this one is quite moisturizing.
Scent – Did I mention it smells like mango cream cake? T_T huhuhu Now I’m hungry.
Who di I recommend this to? I recommend this to mestizas with cool to neutral tones.  This shade looks more flattering on fair-skinned as it might look garish on morenas and make them look sick while it will look off-putting for those with yellow undertones.
Rating: 4/5
KikaySiKat Rating Scale Guide
1 – It should cease to exist on the planet.
2 – Troublesome. Caused negative reactions for me or made me feel bad.
3 – Boringly blah blah blah. Not good. Not bad. It’s like… nothing…so I’ll just give it away to someone who might like it more than I do.
4 – Wow. Amazeballs. It’s super effective! I’ll keep this in my stash for sure until  I find something better.
5 – It’s irreplaceable! *ala Beyonce* (disclaimer:unless it gets discontinued boohoo)
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