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Rice Water Toner

I got this idea from Michelle Phan at youtube and decided to give it a shot. I just do not know when the expiration date is so I throw away the liquid and replace it with a new mixture every 2 days. I also store it in the fridge.

Based from her youtube video, rice has essential vitamins and minerals that can benefit the skin. My grandma also used to  use rice steam to make her skin glowy so I guess it should work. But this is tiring to make and I would just prefer buying ready  made toners at the mall. Haha.

But for those who are interested. Here are the steps:

Using organic rice (any would do just make sure it is organic and clean!) clean your rice, mix mix mix and you should get a cloudy water out of this. Oops! Dont throw it away! This cloudy water has the one with the nutrients in it!

Transfer this cloudy water in a clean bottle. I use the one with the spray so I can easily spray it on the cotton pad.
There you go! Your own rice water toner. Please make sure to store this in a cool place so it doesnt go bad quickly. I dont rinse after using this, I just pat out and dry the excess on my skin to absorb.
Review: Only used this for a week and I didnt see very visible effects. It did not clean or anything but it did not make me break out either. I’m too lazy to always concoct this mixture so I stopped using it anyway. It felt cool and refreshing on the skin, I think it made my skin  less dull


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