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Sarsi with Egg : A Different Float

Okay, point taken that overly sweetened carbonated beverages are unhealthy. It’s basically empty calories. Sugar, fizz, and bubbles. Add a scoop of ice cream and there you go. But it’s good right? Ocassionaly, it’s okay to treat ourselves but if you want to try a  different version of our favorite float continue reading…

If you’re a kid from the 80’s or 90’s you probably heard of mixing raw eggs with Sarsi to make this protein-packed soda and it’s the bodybuilder’s version of Sarsi Float. I remember my mom made me try it because she told me it was delicious and you know what? It is. The raw eggs made the soda more creamy and custard like. Just like what Ice Cream does to it.

Note: Be wary in using raw eggs, use only safe eggs free from salmonella or other harmful bacteria.


You can opt to buy the diet version if you’re worried about the calories
1 Egg




Nutrition Facts

There’s around 6g of protein in 1 whole egg so it’s a great way to supplement yourself with protein.
It’s yummy as well 🙂


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