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Eclipse 24/7 Gym Review : Open 24 Hours 7 Days a Week

A 24 hour 7 day a week gym. No more excuses.

Looking for a place to workout, especially for us women can be a challenging task. Have you experienced switching from gym to gym because none seem to produce the results you want and just provide you with false promises while emptying your pocket? Of course getting results are objective and it depends on how one follows the regimen. But sometimes having the perfect environment to attain your fitness goals are crucial.

I won’t go into further detail about the previous fitness clubs I’ve been into. But I would love to share to you this new discovery of mine that I hope you’d learn to love as well! I discovered the gym through a public forum and got curious with TONS of great and honest to goodness reviews that I had to try and work out there to see for myself . I had my doubts, it was far from my workplace, it’s not the typical spa-like fitness club, but going there was worth it.

So what is ECLIPSE 24/7 in a Nutshell? Taken from my personal trainer‘s Facebook page:

Who are We:We are a group of fitness professionals who were either former members or staff in the comercial gym setting.

got drawn together for one common thing: the total dislike of the
direction of the fitness industry in the philippines. Franchise-like
foreign gyms were becoming the equal of fastfood chains with sales being
their primary objective, with proper service and training for the
client at the bottom.

What We Do:

Our focus
is on giving the client the best training facility available, with ample
equipment, abundance of efficient training programs, knowledgeable
staff and a positive atmosphere

What We are Not:

are not the typical machine and group exercise based gym wherein you
can’t even ask the staff for a minute of their attention unless you hire
them to train you

Dumbell and Kettlebell Overload


  •  A lot of equipment that you don’t have to wait for your turn to use what you want.
  • Competent trainers who knows what they’re talking about. They’re also not the type who will ignore you if you don’t get them as personal trainers.
  • Big workout space
  • A custom training program for new/existing members
  • They’re open 24/7. No excuses. Perfect for those who are working on late shifts, or any shifts!
  •  Friendly and Approchable Staff
  • Affordable Rates

 This is what I was mentioning. If it is your first time at Eclipse 24/7 or even first time to workout. They would give you an initial fitness assessment to determine what program you need to do and follow. They also update this every month as you progress! Not sure if your form is right? Not sure if what you are doing is right? Ask questions! Trainers there are very approachable and will help you with your training!
It was also a breath of fresh air to see trainers focused on what they are doing. Which is TRAIN. While they are friendly and approchable, they’re not like my previous experience of Trainers which after telling you “Do 100 pushups” start chatting with their colleagues forgetting to check on what you are doing if you are doing it correctly or properly. Trainers here are different. You can really sense they have passion for what they are doing and have a genuine concern on their trainees. It’s nice to feel that 🙂
Best Coach Ever. Coach Mark Limbaga


There are currently 6 trainers in their Shaw branch. For girls, you can opt to get a female trainer as there are 2 of them, Ms. Kat and Ms. Issa. My coach, Mark Limbaga is just pure AWESOME. I’ll do a separate feature on him some other day.


The Kikay and The Coach! 😀
Another thing that I love in training here is that after working out, instead of feeling dead tired; I feel energized, stronger, and feel like I can do more! Remember if you want maximum results, consistency is the key. Don’t expect to lose fat and keep it off in a month.
They also have other training programs like boxing, kettlebell, yoga, and more



Cardio Equipment. Bikes.
Powercages. a LOT.



Treadmills each with a build in LCD so you can watch what you want while you workout. No need to share screens with this one.



Roomy shower rooms for the ladies. 8 cubicles in total. Always kept clean.

I was actually surprised when I went into the girls changing area. Expecting it to be small and cramped. IT was actually HUGE And SPACIOUS. With a lot of free lockers to put in your things. (Make sure you bring in your own padlocks for additional safety!)

Lots of lockers

They also have a branch in Mabini which I want to visit soon because I heard they have a cafe there that serves healthy and yummy dishes perfect for pre-workout or post-workout.

There you go. A bit lengthy I know, but I just had to share this
discovery to you guys and girls. Whether your goal is weight loss,
muscle gain, strengthening, over all fitness.If you want change, the
best time to start is always now. And what better way to start than start at the right gym. I hope to see you there 🙂

Pardon the pit sweat. It’s just an 8kg Kettlebell but I hope I can press and snatch a 12kg or more some day. Even lift barbells!

Stay tuned. I will post weekly updates on my trainings and progress. Hopefully I will be able to lift a barbell by April! Haha! Can’t wait to post a photo of that one!

For more information visit their website at
or Facebook Page
or Twitter


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