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School Appropriate Costumes for Teenagers

Naruto – naruto cosplay is one of the popular cos choices, it’s looks very cool!

School Appropriate Costumes for Teenagers

It’s sometimes difficult to decide on the perfect Halloween costume; something that will impress but is both practical and, above all else, school appropriate. Many school districts are cracking down on attire that is considered unacceptable and quite a few costumes suffer high disapproval ratings. However, there are still plenty of innovative and creative costume ideas that will be sure to impress friends and faculty alike! Check out these fun and appropriate costume options or visit here for more ideas!

Cat burglar – a simple costume that nods in homage to the classic Batman villain while maintaining an element of sassy allure without being explicit.

Cheerleader – another classic costume option that is both fun and full of school team spirit!

Sesame Street characters – cute, easy to make, and diverse in color and style, this nostalgic option will leave no one wanting for a role to play. Dress solo or invite friends to create a triage that is sure to delight.

Firefighter – play it ‘safe’ as a local hero and wow your classmates with this assemblage. A great option for boys or girls.

Fairy – there’s no wrong way to put together a fairy costume which makes creating your own colorful look both easy and fun!

Ninja Turtles – you can either dress as your favorite hero in a half-shell or gather a trio of friends to share in the fun. Cowabunga, dude!

Football player – another way to show your school spirit is to dress as the ones we’re always cheering for. Tackle this holiday season with a costume that’s easy to come by and fun to wear.

Salt and Pepper – spice up your Halloween with this great idea that you can share with your bestie! Simple yet creative, this option is a neat way to share the holiday with a friend or someone special.

Social media – if there was ever a constant in the teenage world it’s social media. Instagram, Facebook, Tumblr; there are so many options to choose from! Pick your favorite and show your friends just how creative you can be.

Mario brothers – there’s not much to making this costume work and it’s just as fun to wrangle a friend in to complete the pair. Some colored shirts and a felt mustache and you’ve got a set that anyone will recognize and appreciate.

Disney princesses/favorite Disney characters – there are so many options here it may be hard to know where to start! Dazzle your peers and turn your favorite Disney princess into a hip teenager or gather a few friends and swim into class as Nemo and the gang or the Incredibles!

80s teen – tube socks, multi-colored leggings, and a scrunchie in your hair and you’ve got a classic look! If ever there was a style that’s as trendy as it is easy to put together.

Pac Man – here’s another blast from the past that’s as fun to make as the original game and super easy to make.

Wednesday Addams – any member of the Addams family could make a great costume, but none’s as iconic or spooky as the devilish daughter of the bunch.

Favorite woodland creature – a super cute idea that only takes a little makeup to pull off! Add felt ears or a tail to complete the look and you’ve got a costume that’s simple and adorable!

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