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DIY: How to Lighten Dark Spots on Face Regimen

Almost everyone is born with flawless and perfect skin. But as we grow old, enter puberty, get exposed to pollution, bipolar weather, hormones, mood swings, and heartbreaks, we get that thing called acne. Pimples. Zits. Taghiyawat.
If you’ve been following my blog for a while you would know that I don’t have flawless skin every day. Back in 2012, I was bombarded with pimples on my cheeks that I had to resort to using a heavy-duty concealer to cover it everyday. I tried different products and remedies and finally! I found the perfect regimen to lighten dark spots on face left by acne.

Note: This is a regimen for spots/scars, not for “live acne” for pimple remedy please refer to my “SIMPLE ACNE REMEDY” post


You cannot lighten the dark spots without peeling the top-most layer of our skin where the pigments are most visible. Whitening creams would not be effective so first step in our process is peeling. What I like to use is Maxi-Peel Solution in #2. I use it at night 3x a week (every other day) for 1 month straight. DO NOT USE ANY WHITENING CREAM DURING THIS PROCESS. Your skin will be sensitive due to the exfoliation. Be patient.
For complete directions please go to my “How to Properly Use Maxi-Peel” post.


After 1 month of the exfoliation process using Maxi-Peel, it is now time to finally lighten and fade the remainder of the dark spots. You can do this for 1 month. There are a lot of skin lightening creams and oils in the market but my favorites are the following:


Dark pigments or melanin are the root cause of spots on our face. Even with proper exfoliation and skin lightening, if we don’t protect our skin from the UV rays of the sun our efforts would be futile and useless. Make sure you use an adequate sunblock during the day (even indoors) to ensure your skin is protected. Here are some posts you can refer to if you’re curious to know what I use.


During the fading process, of course we would want to cover our spots. My all-time favorite is The Balm Time Balm concealer and Kevyn Aucoin Sensual Skin Enhancer.
This is a 2-month regimen to fade acne spots. If after 2 months and they are still visible, just repeat the process! 🙂 I did this for 6 months back in 2012 and oh boy was I so happy I found something that works for me. It’s been long overdue this post, a lot have been asking me to write about this! ^_^ Let me know if you have any questions and if this worked for you.

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  • Cossette Rosario

    May iba po product bikod sa maxi peel … My fce totally mess bevause of ance mark and scar butas sa fce really need a help ginamit ko lhat ng product exct sa maxi peel really doubt kung ano mangyayari pg ginmit ang maxi peel… thansk po..

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