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On Wearing Stylish Bras, Panties, and Consent

I was planning to write a basic article on how we can wear bras as outerwear then my emotions got the best of me. Wearing something sexy whether a bra or a thong is NOT consent.

Lingerie. Bras. These garments are known for being worn inside than out. Thus the other term under wear. I shared on an Instagram post the other day that years ago, there would be guidelines on “how to take classy lingerie photos” that we’ll follow to a T. Showing “undergarments” was deemed taboo.

Thanks to modern times and feminism, women are now slowly coming out of their shells. Realising we are more than just an accessory.


Regardless of how a woman’s dressed, she retains autonomy; even if she desperately wants sex, it remains her decision regarding who she has sex with. Consent is still important, regardless of how confusing many (supposedly) find it.


Are bras made for women or for men?

Tackling this in a religious perspective will be risque, as everyone has their own belief. So let’s look at this at one perspective. As a female.

Sometimes I think the reason why men look down on us so much is because of how we are written in text books, how boys are taught in school that men are superior than women. That “wives should submit to their husband”. 

We are going to wear bras however we want because our body is our property. Not our husbands’, not our boyfriends’, not for men. Bras our worn to support our breasts, big or small. Our clothes do not determine our consent. WE. NEVER. ASK. FOR. IT.


Wacoal Mood Autumn/Winter Collection 2018

Speaking of stylish bras. Let’s celebrate womanhood with Wacoal Mood. Last week, was their launch of their Autumn/Winter collection for 2018. I love their travel bras because you can literally roll and pack it. They’re comfy and stylish enough to be worn in or out depending on your mood.


Take a look at their latest collection, worn by top filipina bloggers & influencers below:













and hey, we’re wearing these because we’re confident modern women!


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