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Super Shaper Jeans by Freego x KikaysiKat [LookBook][Fashion]

Thanks to Freego for sending me a pair of Super Shaper jeans to try and I’m sure it’s gonna be a staple in my jeans collection since most pairs I have are dark denim. Did you know that jeans wear better with age, and as you wear it since it molds to your body every time you wear it? That’s why you shouldn’t wash your jeans every time! I want to try buttlifters and tummytucks. Way to go for naming their jeans 🙂 we don’t need surgery to look good instantly!



Denim is
hot and FREEGO knows it. The brand reinvents
the staple of the street-style crowd and global fashion culture, creating city-ready
looks that cater not only to Filipinos, but to different individuals, body
types, nationalities, skin tone, and even personal preferences.
The brand
infuses fresh energy and cosmopolitan edge into the jeans we all love with its
two new Summer-ready collections—The 10-Pocket Reversible jeans and the Super
Shaper Collection. FREEGO’s new 10-pocket
Reversible jeans for men
epitomize functional fashion, presenting two
distinct looks in one pair of denims, whether plain to patterned, light to
dark-washed, or classic to bold-hued. Featuring five functional pockets on each
side, these jeans offer great value for money and easy day-to-night
FREEGO’s Super Shapers Collection for women defines
your personal brand of sexy through strategic cuts, panels, treatments, and
washes to contour the figure well, taking care of specific problem areas. The Buttlifter
easily gives your bum a good boost, while Shape Ups enhance your
hips for a sleeker, sexier silhouette. Skimmers elongate legs and the Slimming
jeans trim down your gams, while Tummy Tucks hide unwanted love
handles. Finally, the Cosmetic jeans seamlessly flatter
feminine curves on all sides.



one of fashion’s mainstays, denim reigns supreme and unites every kind of
style-setter across the globe with FREEGO.
FREEGO is available at leading department
stores nationwide.

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