dear klairs midnight blue calming cream
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BYE OR BUY? Dear Klairs Midnight Blue Calming Cream Review

dear klairs midnight blue calming cream
dear klairs midnight blue calming cream

I was addicted to using skin acids recently that I made the mistake of over doing it. My skin looked RED and RAW. Luckily, this was one of the products Wishtrend sent to me. The Dear Klairs Midnight Blue Calming Cream. It claims to soothe skin sensitivity and that was just what I needed. Is it worth buying tho? Let’s find out.


Product Description

As a cream that helps calm & strengthen barriers in extremely sensitive skin, When used with the soothing line, it works rapidly to soothe and regulate irritated (by heat or sebum), stressed skin.

If the Rich Moist Soothing Line and its nonirritating, deeply calming and soothing effects did not meet up to your expectations and needs, Try the KLAIRS’ Midnight Blue Calming Cream for that total care. Although the KLIARS’ Midnight Blue Calming Cream is used for targeting smaller areas, It’s designed with excellent spreadability so a small amount could cover a large area.
Enjoy a high efficacy & satisfaction with only a small amount.


Active Ingredients

Guaiazulene :With herbal ingredients extracted from chamomile, it shows a dark purple color and is effective in calming the inflammation of damaged skin tissue as well as regeneration of skin cells. Containing 0.03% (similar to contents in an ointment that is currently on the market, Japanese clinical trials demonstrated effects of 89.7% in sunburns, 60.6% in eczema, and 86.5% in ulcerative skin diseases, and is used as the main raw material in burn ointments.)

Centella Asiatica Extract :As a plant native to Madagascar, it is also known as ‘tiger grass’ and is often used in cosmetics as ‘Centella Asiatica.’ Helps regeneration in damaged skin and prevents scarring; primary ingredient in ointments.


When to Use Dear Klairs Midnight Blue Calming Cream

  • After pore care (aka acid or peels)
  • After intensive treatment or care (aka derma)
  • Long-term sun exposure (aka pag galing ka sa beach)
  • Post-shaving (MEN and LADIES can use this cream!)




It’s 24 USD for a 30ml tub


Like I mentioned earlier. It’s in a tub enclosed with a spatula you can use. I don’t get it. Why not put it in a more sanitary packaging like a pump or a tube? It has lactobacilli and bifidus that even heightens the chances of contamination.

Bye or Buy? 

If you’re not frequenting the beach or using any strong chemical peels, this is a BYE. It’s an extra product for an extra kind of gal. I’m thankful that I had this in had with my skincare acids mishap. I applied this at night and the following morning my skin felt a lot better. The redness subsided and my skin felt more resilient. Upon application it felt cool on my skin and the itchiness I felt went away. The photo below is my skin before using the cream.




I mean look at this before and after shot (not mine).  If you’re prone to redness and irritation then it’s definitely a BUY.



Where to BUY? 

You can get your own tub of Dear Klairs Midnight Blue Calming Cream at Wishtrend. Please don’t forget to use my affiliate link as it helps support the blog. Thank you! ^_^




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