Taking Care of Yourself So You Can Take Care of Your Kids—Self-care for Moms

Obviously, the first thing on your mind is going to be your children—right? Getting them to school, doctor’s appointments, soccer practice, etc. 


But are you making time to do those same things for yourself? When’s the last time you went for a check-up, or the last time you went to the OB-GYN? Heck, when’s the last time you got a new outfit? You need to remember to take care of yourself too.


Here are some quick reminders of things that are key to your self-care as a mom. 



Make – and Stick to – Health Appointments 


As a primary caregiver for your child, you have to make sure you are in tip-top shape yourself! Think about it, an empty bucket can’t fill another glass. This means, as difficult as it may be, sometimes you have to cut out things you (or your kids) want to do for the things you need to do. 


Some examples of things you need to do: 

– Go to the doctor yearly: It’s always a good idea just to keep everything in check. On that note, if you get sick, go see a doctor too.

– Make/keep mental-health appointments

– Go to the dentist: A team of dentists in Woodbridge would love to set you up with an appointment at their clinic. 


Staying healthy is essential to keeping your sanity—not to mention, keeping up with your kids’ energy!  


Pamper Yourself


When you’re busy, it’s easy to feel unappreciated and upset. That vibe is picked up by everyone around you. You don’t have to wait for a spouse or someone else to plan a surprise for you—you can do it yourself!  


Even if it’s something small, like sending the kids off with a friend and making a nice bubble bath at home, or taking yourself out to the movies, you deserve (and need!) small bits of luxury in your life. 


It doesn’t have to be lavish, but little gifts to yourself remind you that you are loved—by you! You need to show yourself love before anyone else does. Get yourself those shoes you’ve been eyeballing for weeks, and don’t feel guilty! Small treats for yourself every now and again will remind you that you deserve to be treated well. This will keep you feeling positive.


Take a Vacation 


Some might make you believe that leaving the kids with your parents for a weekend and going off might be “bad” or “selfish”. This could not be further from the truth. Parents that take care of themselves and their relationship first have more to give when it comes to emotionally investing in their children. 


It makes sense—parents who are happy with themselves and with each other will be more mentally resilient and better able to handle what comes their way. Spreading yourself thin and never taking a break is a sure-fire way to have a complete breakdown. 


Exercise and Eat Well


These sound like impossible, clichéd, hippy-mom tasks, right? They don’t have to be! Exercise can be as easy as taking the stairs, or walking to that grocery store that’s only a mile down the road, instead of driving to it! Eating well doesn’t have to be a Pinterest post either—just make sure you’re not only eating junk. 


Substitute that drive-through breakfast burrito for a home-made sandwich. Eat a banana instead of a bag of chips. Your body will definitely start to feel it and react accordingly. Exercise and good eating habits positively affect your mood. Fueling your body with nutrients and getting your heart rate up will give you more energy in the long-run, and also make you look and feel great! 


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