Tokyo Posh Hair Extensions Review

When I resorted to cutting my hair short a few months ago courtesy of L’Oreal Professionel, I was estatic with the change. But as weeks go by, I miss my long hair the I could style straight, curly, or whatever I want. Have you ever felt the same regret in your life? How you wished you never cut your hair at all?
Thankfully, there’s Tokyo Posh it’s a store that has all kinds of easy to use hair extensions with the widest range of styles and colors. I mentioned in my instagram (@kikaysikat) that getting their extensions is one of the best decisions I made this year. 

How to Put on Clip-On Hair Extensions from Tokyo Posh

Simply part your hair in a half-pony, clip it on starting from the center, and extend the clips near your ears to ensure there are no bumps. Yes girls! You just clip it on!!!

I chose the extensions “Jessica” in a “Sangria” shade which suit my current hair color. It’s a medium-length hair with sexy waves that I think matches with my personality. Rawr. It doesn’t feel too heavy on my head although it will take a couple of minutes for you to get used to having this hair. Unlike cheap hair extensions that is hard to style and turns into knots, this one is sturdier and stronger to the touch. It looks quite natural too even if they use synthetic hair.
Transforming my hair into lush and longer curls actually gave me more confidence and made me felt sexier, prettier. You know how people say hair is our crowning glory? If you can’t wait your hair to grow out this is the perfect workaround. I only wear it on special occasions like dates or events or when I need to feel extra gorgeous.

Tokyo Posh Hair Extensions Price Range: 3,000-7,000php/style

Where to Find? Powerplant Mall, SM North Edsa


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