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How I Taught my Child to Deal with Bullies and his Toys R Us Christmas Wishlist

“You’re my superhero mom” – baby jop

After teaching him how to stand up for himself against this school bully (without resorting to violence). I told him to ignore the bully named JM, and just tell it to his teacher after class. His teacher told me Geof was a very good boy and handled the situation well. A good example to his classmates daw. So here are 5 tips that I shared my child to handle his bully.

3 Tips to Deal with School Bullies

  1. Speak-up – Bullies do what they do because they lack attention, and want to show authority. I told my son that whenever someone tries to bully him, approach an older authority figure right away. Like his class adviser. So that they can handle the child-bully properly. In my son’s case, JM is an 8 year old whose family is having problems. Thus he’s lashing out at school. Poor kid.
  2. Invisible Shield – JM (the bully) torments his classmates by talking and shouting at their ears. He gets satisfied when he sees his classmates annoyed. I told Geof to ignore him and pretend he doesn’t exist. A few tantrums later, JM’s vocal chords finally gave up.
  3. Always Tell Mommy/Daddy – Everyday when I pick up macho kid from school, I always ask him how is day went. Casually. Freely. This makes him comfortable in telling what happened throughout the day not just academically. If he has playmates, what happened during recess. This is so as a parent, you know what’s happening with your child.

I was bullied as a kid. And I didn’t know how to handle them before. Because I, myself was also neglected as a child. I don’t want the same thing to happen to my kid that’s why I’m doing my best to be his support system. Super mom 🙂


Macho Kid’s Toys R Us Christmas Wishlist


Macho kid has been very good this year and he deserves a reward or two. I took him window-shopping at Toys R Us last week and will probably pick some from his wishlist below. I don’t have the capacity to buy everything. But at least by browsing in advance, I know what to get him this Christmas 🙂






Lego City Ship Toy Model


Big Ben Clock Puzzle with high end curtains




RUX Bicycle



Nintendo 3DS XL



Ford Motorized Car



Fastlane Vehicles Set



Dual-Cartography LED Globe



Lego Classic Box Set



Crayola Wacky Marker Maker

I noticed Toys R Us have a better variety of toys compared to Toy Kingdom. The toys are also priced a lot cheaper!



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