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Ten Suggestions to Enjoy a Spooky and Satisfying New York Halloween

If you are a fan of Halloween and you happen to be looking to create unforgettable memories, there is no better city to visit than New York. Let us take a look at ten tips and tricks which will ensure that you make the most out of what the Big Apple has in store. 


Make Travel Reservations in Advance


As with any holiday, be sure to confirm travel reservations at least ten weeks before you plan on visiting the city. This will save you a significant amount of money while providing you with a more flexible schedule.


Appreciate the Most Popular Halloween-Related Events


There are many events throughout the city which specifically cater to fans of Halloween. Some of the most popular include a ghost tour of Greenwich Village, pumpkin picking at Decker Farm and viewing the Tompkins Square Halloween Dog Parade.


Why Limit Yourself to the Metropolitan Area?


No visit to New York would be complete without visiting the more rural locations found just outside of the city limits. From apple picking to taking a hike along the Hudson River, a bit of nature can neve hurt!


Reserve a Party Bus


Getting from place to place in New York City can be tricky if you are unfamiliar with its layout. This is why it makes perfect sense to work with the professionals at Bergenlimo New York party bus rental. You can choose from a wide variety of vehicles and the drivers will easily accommodate your Halloween plans. 


Become Familiar with Mass Transit in New York


The New York City subway system can be quite confusing. Some bus routes are notoriously challenging. While you do not have to become an expert, it is a good idea to plan your excursions in advance to account for any slight mistakes. 


Enjoy Open-Air Attractions


Many Halloween events take place in the numerous parks found throughout the city. So, consider visiting locations such as the Queens Botanical Garden, the Greenwood Cemetery and even enjoying a film at the Queens Drive-In.


Trick-or-Treat in Greenwich Village


Trick-or-treating is alive and well in Greenwich Village. Taking part in this time-honored tradition will certainly bring out the child in you. 


Visit Flea Markets


New York Flea markets are truly “buzzing” during the Halloween season. Be sure to visit bustling venues such as Chelsea Market, Grand Central Market and Hell’s Kitchen Flea Market. 


Take Part in the Village Holiday Parade


Held every year on Halloween, this parade is arguably the most well-known event in the East Village. Be sure to dress warmly, as autumn in New York can be quite chilly! While wearing a costume is optional, this is the best way to become truly immersed within the festivities. 


Read Up on Possible Restrictions


Finally, be sure to keep up to date with any COVID-related restrictions, as they may impact the location of certain events while others could be cancelled entirely. Still, there are plenty of other activities to enjoy! 

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