The Acolyte Draws Biggest Series Premiere on Disney+ This Year

After taking a lightspeed trip to 4.8 million views in one day, The Acolyte’s premiere episode drove 11.1 million views* globally based on five days of streaming, maintaining its status as the biggest series premiere on Disney+ of 2024.

Set during the High Republic Era of the Star Wars saga, The Acolyte tells the story of an investigation into a shocking crime spree that pits a respected Jedi master against a dangerous warrior from his past.

The first episode thrusts viewers right into the action with a gripping fight scene that sets off the central mystery of the series.

“I was very interested in telling a story about the Sith,” Leslye Headland, creator and executive producer of The Acolyte, said. “The logical conclusion would be to set this show in a time period where the Sith are the underdogs.”

The first two episodes of The Acolyte are currently streaming on Disney+, and new episodes will debut in the Philippines every Wednesday through July 17.


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