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Let’s Go Boho Chic with Zia Clothing [FASHION]

Black Tube Top – Landmark Printed Pants – Ziya Sandals – Aerosoles Accessories – Landmark
Kikays and gentlemen ~ How are things going with you guys? I hope the weather didn’t give you the sniffles like it did to me. This was my OOTD when I went to the food tasting event at The Old Spaghetti House. I wanted to go a little casual and comfortable so I grabbed the opportunity to sport Ziya’s ultra chic and comfy boho printed pants.
This is an outfit you can glamorize or simplify depending on where you’d go to. I can’t emphasize how comfy they are I can wear them to sleep as jammies if I go home to tired!  Ziya Style really knows how to make stylish effortless.


Lately I’ve been trying to learn an instrument so I can have something to accompany my singing. In short, I can sing anywhere without looking stupid just singing out loud. Has that ever happened to you? You hear a song, it get stucks in  your head and you don’t notice people are starting to look at you because you’re singing, while walking, in the crowd. 

They have pockets!!!

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