The Benefits of Handmade Soap

Handmade soaps have long been a luxurious go-to gift for women on birthdays and Christmas. They smell great, look good and can add that extra charm to an evening papering session. But for many of us, the convince and high production of commercial cosmetics and soaps have taken us away from purchasing natural, artisan cleansers which have many more benefits than their brand name counterparts.

Buying handmade soap is a great way of supporting a lot of worthwhile causes, such as the environment and also small businesses. Often found in farm shops, chemists and at craft fairs, handmade soaps are an inspiring product for both crafters and consumers alike.

One of the many perks of handmade soap is that they are often made from vegetable based glycerine and thus, not only are they better for our skin, being chemical free, but they are also suitable for vegetarians and vegans.

Though most of us avoid products tested on animals, it is not always easy to know what commercial products have chemicals that are harmful to the environment, for example, those with microbeads. By using a product that is not only 100% natural ingredients, responsibly sourced and crafted by Mother Nature, you can ensure that the suds going down the sink-hole are not going to be toxic in any way. Not only this but because handmade soap is not mass produced in the same ways as commercial soaps, the manufacturers can use brown paper packaging, which in and of its self is much more eco-friendly then shrink wrap or plastic bottles.

Not only are handmade soaps much more friendly to the environment but they are better for your skin too. Without all the added chemicals and other substances, the human tongue cannot pronounce, you are much more likely to find that handmade, natural soap is gentler on your skin, avoiding dryness or even rashes. And the nice thing is that they are good for all skin types, so you won’t need to worry about hunting down the aisle for baby body wash or men’s shower gel. Everyone can use it!

Of course, as with any product nowadays that is made by hand, natural handmade soaps can be slightly more expensive than some of the supermarket options, however generally speaking they tend to last longer, clean better and are much more beneficial to your overall health. Not only this but handmade soaps smell amazing, with natural ingredients providing the fragrance and not a mix of scented chemicals that don’t always smell as suggested on the label. With all the added benefits of handmade soaps, they are definitely worth the investment.

Handmade soaps also look great in a bathroom, in comparison to brand packaging, and can add a homely touch, especially when guests come over. Bars left open can also suitably sent the room, and as they can come at no end of varieties, sizes and fragrances, you are sure to find some to suit your needs, and make yourself and your home feel luxurious.







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