MCT Oil: The New Wonder-Supplement for the Whole Family

Maintaining health as a family can feel like an uphill battle, especially when health concerns that plague young kids can be vastly different than the ones facing two adults. That’s why so many families are prioritizing the consumption of multi-function vitamins and minerals. Now, there’s a new supplement that is promising to have wondrous benefits for the whole family: MCT oil.

MCT oil is reported to provide health benefits for all ages across the board. We’ve compiled some of this supplement’s most impressive qualities that make it so highly sought-after. This way, you can decide if its health properties are right for you and your family!

The Super Fuel

We all learn growing up that food like bananas have potassium, or “brain power,” but there are some vitamins that can improve functioning and fuel the brain even faster than these nutrients can. MCT oils are absorbed into the body faster and break down easier than long-chain triglycerides (LCTs).

As a result of this ease of absorption, the MCTs can rapidly be converted into energy for the body and the brain. It can do this without delay time to be digested and broken down.

Rather than sipping on a cup of hot coffee to wake up and get productive, try consuming some MCT oil. Runners and other athletes even claim to use this oil to help them build endurance while exercising or competing as opposed to consuming longer-chain fats.

Stopping Memory Loss in Its Tracks

A great fear of many individuals is the inevitable onset of Alzheimer’s disease or dementia. While it may be difficult to prevent this illness that heavily impacts memory and perception, the consumption of certain things can certainly slow it down or assist in memory retention.

The exciting thing about MCTs is that they can improve cognition in individuals already diagnosed with mild to moderate Alzheimer’s disease. Rather than simply used as a preventative measure, MCT oil can be utilized as a treatment for memory loss as a result of dementia. This makes the supplement a great treatment option for elderly parents or grandparents in the family.

Happy, Healthy Heart

Being a part of a family means being there for the ones you love for as long as possible. This mission perfectly aligns with the properties of MCT oil. MCT oil, when combined with typical meals in accordance with a cholesterol-healthy diet, can help to reduce low-density lipoprotein cholesterol without damaging the high-density lipoprotein cholesterol levels.

This means that the good cholesterols stay the same, or even increase in production, while the LDL or bad cholesterol decreases in accordance with the addition of MCT oil. What this means overall is that weight loss and cholesterol can reach a much healthier place, preventing risk of future heart disease and heart failure.

Weight is also impacted as a result of the release of “fullness” hormones peptide YY and leptin. These hormones help individuals to stop eating when their body has enough fuel to function, so that they don’t overeat and begin to gain unnecessary weight.

If you’ve ever listened in on a conversation about the keto diet, you’ll know that ketosis is the fat-burning part of the process. By becoming ketones when consumed, MCTs can assist individuals in remaining in this part of the process for a little longer. Healthy and measured weight loss can help prevent heart disease and heart failure, as well as a number of other health concerns that may arise. With a healthier heart comes the promise of being with your loved ones for as long as you can.

The Bottom Line

Keeping healthy and happy while functioning in a family unit can be increasingly difficult. You have to learn to balance personal health with decisions that best fit the needs of your family. MCT oil helps the whole family to live longer, think harder, and function better.

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