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The Face Shop Fresh Lemon Fruit Mask Sheet Review and a Personal Update

When my mom got her brows fixed by Erabels at Bugis, she gave a compliment to the lady fixing her brows because her skin was really bright, fresh and glowing. My mom asked her “What’s your secret?”
The lady answered “I use face masks 2-3x a day”

and after both of us heard that.. mom and I looked at each other and understood what both of us wanted without a single word… FACE MASKS!

Meaning yours truly is on a sheet face mask phase and will be reviewing several of them throughout the coming days 😉 😉 😉

Benefits of using a face mask:

  • Convenience – No mess no fuss. Apply within 20 secs. Take it with you on your trips or apply it on your flight.
  • Highly effective – Immediate difference after use. Users testify that high quality face masks were better than a $90 facial.
  • Organic ingredients – Natural skin care that energizes and detoxifies our face skin.
  • Perfect budget – Great prices starting from $2 and up.
  • Easy to carry – Very light and in a sealed packet. Easy to carry around during vacation.
  • Special occasions – Use the night before or on the morning of a special occasion such as a wedding, party or conference. No need to book at a spa and spend time traveling and waiting.
  • Great makeup absorption – Applying make up after the use of a face mask maximizes the absorption of makeup. Leads to smooth and shiny skin.
  • Gifts – Great gifts for your girlfriend, daughters, moms, wives. Even great for men since it is so easy and they can hide in their home.

Now onto our review..

You can get this at The Face Shop 4pcs at 10SGD so that’s around 75PHP each back in the Philippines, I’m just not so sure if it’s cheaper there. It comes in other varieties such as aloe, rice, and pomegrenate; also more expensive ones like collagen and hydraulic acid? (is that right? haha) at 20SGD each which is too expensive for a piece of mask in my opinion.

It comes in individually packed sheet, and upon opening you can definitely smell lemons. They also indicated that each mask is infused with 1000mg of lemon extract that will help in brightening the skin.

How to use?
You just place it over your face, allowing the eyes and nose and lips to be exposed. Be careful! It stings the eyes, it’s a bit more moist to other masks so be aware of drips. After 20 minutes, remove the mask and pat the remaining liquid on your face with a gentle massage. The lady at erabelle told me she leaves the mask overnight, but just to play safe, I left it for 20 minutes; as indicated in the instructions.

Did it work?
Yes it did, but only temporarily, maybe continous usage will contribute to a more permanent effect. It made my skin “glow” and lessened the dullness that I’m having lately. I read in other blogs that there are a lot, lot more effective mask such as Silk Whitia or Beauty Diary. Definitely looking forward to trying other masks. The photo below is the day I used the mask and no face makeup was used that day. It wasnt oily or anything, just glowy. Sorry for the very distracting nose scar!


Will I recommend it?
I suggest you do a patch test on the skin of your arm before putting anything on your face. These are made of different ingredients so we have to be sure youre skin will not react. But I do recommend it to people who wants a spa-like treatment at home. I must admit, the feeling of the mask is very refreshing and relaxing at the same time. It felt like a reward after a tiring day at work.

To those looking for personal updates, I am currently located in Singapore for work 🙂 Will still consider products for reviews but unfortunately I cannot attend to events in the Philippines for now. But yes, kikaysikat is definitely back ^_- I’m so excited since there are a WHOLE LOT more varieties of skincare and cosmetics here in singapore that I want to share to all of you. I could probably hold some pre-orders of some sort if you guys like what I reviewed or shared here so that you get to try yourselves as well

Love lots,

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