Things to Do to Avoid an Identity Theft

Becoming a victim of tax identity theft may increase your stress. It is the greatest challenge to government agencies, organizations, and business, even IRS. Tax identity theft may occur when a person uses a stolen number of social security to file tax returns and claiming a deceitful refund. Numerous times, you will not be aware that your tax identity is stolen. The IRS can inform you that you are a victim of tax identity theft when you approach IRS to file your own taxes. You have to be careful while choosing health insurance because a wrong company can distribute your information to a third party. Consult reliable platforms like to pick a suitable health cover.

To combat identity theft related to taxes, the IRS has a plan for detection, prevention, and assistance of the victim. It is the main priority of the IRS to make significant evolution against this corruption. Here are some important things to recognize your tax identity theft:

Protection of Records

You must not carry your essential documents and social security cards with SSN. You must provide SSN on need, but make sure to recognize the person who is requesting it. You are responsible for the protection of your private information at your home. Make sure to protect computers with anti-virus and anti-spam software. Regularly change the passwords of internet accounts.

Avoid Scams

Keep it in mind that the IRS will not make any call to demand instant payments. Before informing you about owed taxes, they send you a bill via mail. You have to be careful while dealing with threatening calls from a person claiming to be a professional from the IRS. If you don’t owe taxes, you must report this incident to ITGTA (Treasury Inspector (examiner) General Tax Administration).

Report to Law Enforcement

If you have compromised SSN, it means you are a victim of tax identity theft. You have to file a report. You must submit one report to FTC (federal trade commission) assistant. You have to contact any of the credit bureaus so that they can freeze your account.

14039 IRS Form Affidavit for Identity Theft

After filing a report with police, you have to file an affidavit for identity theft by submitting the 14039 IRS form. You can print this form, fax or mail as per the instructions. During this procedure, you have to file tax returns and pay taxes consistently.

Understand the Notices of IRS

After getting verification of the identity of a taxpayer, the agency sends a particular letter to the taxpayer via mail. This notice will say that the IRS is observing the account of the taxpayer. Some notices will have unique protection for personal identification, such as a PIN. You have to use this number to file your tax returns.

Personal Identification Numbers (PINS)

When a taxpayer reports that he is a victim of tax identity theft or IRS detects that the taxpayer is becoming a victim, they will issue a particular IP PIN. This unique pin of six-digits will protect you from identity theft. You have to use this PIN to file your tax return. Under the Pilot IP PIN program, the residents of Washington, D.C., Georgia and Florida can apply for IP PIN.


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