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Tips and Tricks: Whitecast No More! :)

Have you ever expierienced looking flawless with your foundation, smooth, poreless, glowing, natural. You go to a party, take cool pictures.. and then POOF!

You look like a floating mask on a neck! Casper!

I found a  great solution so that you can wear any foundation or BB cream and do not get the white cast.
White cast is usually from the titanium dioxide/zinc oxide and from the spf from your makeup that heavily reflects light. While it looks gorgeous in person, it may look horrendous in photographs and you wouldnt want that to happen.
High definition finishing powders is the solution for that. If most Hi-Def powders are too pricey, try making your own or use pure cosmetic grade silica. Yes it may look ghastly white, but the spheres not only controls oil, makes makeup last longer, and make you look flawless, it also makes the white cast disappear by distracting the light reflectors from your foundation.
You can just add a bronzer or luminizer on top if you want the glow in the right places and not everywhere!


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