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Spend vs Save: Makeup Remover : VCO to the Rescue!

I have tried Cleansing Oils, and other makeup removers, even EVOO (extra virgin olive oil), yes they work well in removing my face makeup, but darn they sting my eyes! Even the most popular cleansing oil today, the DHC cleansing oil which the main component is EVOO still sting my eyes.

Now I love tight lining, and it’s a pain in the bum to remove nightly.

Now, I bought Virgin Coconut Oil from the Eco-Mart at Market Market for my itchy tummy, that ordinary lotions or creams couldnt relieve. This one did! Everytime I get the itch I just spray some on my hand and then on to the tummy.

Enough about that, more about makeup removing. This works so good! What I do is generously lather oil on my face and gently rub the eye area (not inside the eyes!). Leave it on for around 30 seconds and then wipe of with a cotton pad or ball, and then for my tight line, I use a cotton bud to remove the residue.

I then wash my face normaly with soap and water, and tada! Face clean! No sting!

Best of all, it just cost me around 80php ($1.50), cheaper than cleansing oils, cheaper than EVOO.

Now take note that there are some people allergic to Coconuts and might break out from this.

Fun Coconut Facts:
1. It actually has some Sun Protection
2. Its anti-viral and anti-fungal
3. Its safe to use everywhere! It’s even edible!


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