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Top 4 Questions About Botox

With how popular Botox has become, there are tons of questions that need to be answered about exactly what it is, what it does, how it works and so on. Answering all the questions about this gem of a cosmetic treatment would be impossible, as it would take a very long article to do so, however, we’ve picked out some of the most popular questions that thousands of people ask about Botox.

And with the help of our good friends at Skinly Aesthetics medical spa and cosmetic dermatology clinic based in NYC, we’ve gotten the answers for all of them. Hopefully, after hearing their responses, you’ll have a better idea as to why  botox in New York has grown to become the most favorite anti-aging treatment across all social demographics. So, let’s not miss this chance to educate ourselves on just how great Botox can be and what it can do for you.


1: Does Botox Hurt?

It’s natural that a procedure involving the injection of a compound into the face would raise at least a few eyebrows. Many people out there don’t like needles, if not outright fear them, so to imagine one being inserted into their face isn’t easy to do. Many people think Botox is a super painful and scary procedure solely because of the injections.

But we all need to consider one very important detail of any procedure, whether it’s cosmetic or medical: doctors and surgeons know what pain is and they want you to feel as little of it as possible. There are certainly people out there who love inflicting pain onto people, but I can assure you, they don’t work in any kind of clinic. Doctors are sympathetic to their clients and know that injections can be scary, especially when they go into the face.

Before the procedure, they apply a special anesthetic called numbing cream. As its name implies, it numbs the skin on your face, freezing it, so that you don’t feel a thing while they inject you. The only thing most clients report feeling during the procedure is a very light sting, which can barely even count as a discomfort, as well as a little tugging from the injections.

Other than that, there’s really not a whole lot to be afraid of.

2: Does It Take Very Long?

Being an injection based treatment means that it has several advantages that other similar treatments would miss out on. One of these advantages is how quick and efficient the procedure is. Because all it involves are several injections into different parts of the face, the treatment doesn’t last anywhere near as long as most people would imagine.

Most Botox procedures last around 40 to 50 minutes, depending on how much Botox compound is going to be used and where. The injections are brief and painless, so regardless of how many times they’ll be used, you won’t have to worry about staying in the operating room for too long.

There’s also the common factor for many cosmetic treatments of there being more than one treatment or session to get the full results. For Botox, a single session is enough to get the full results. After the injection, most clients have to wait for a few days before the results become visible and up to two weeks for the maximum changes. This is relatively short compared to how much longer other anti-aging treatments require.


3: Does It Have Painful Side Effects

Anything you do has side effects. And especially cosmetic treatments. Naturally, if you inject something or perform some kind of cosmetic treatment, there’s going to be a reaction from your body. This is completely natural, since your body will always automatically defend itself from unknown substances or chemicals.

The question here is, how long will it take your body before it accepts the Botox compound and the side effects go away. Depending on the treatment, the recovery time after the procedure could last anywhere from a couple days to several weeks. Luckily, Botox recovery takes up to a week and pretty much all the side effects go away. Keep in mind, these are the general statistics on the treatment, so yours may be more or maybe even shorter, lasting a few days.

And the side effects themselves are nothing extreme. Most clients report feeling numb at first, but this numbness means that the Botox is actually working. At first it may feel weird to have your face numb all the time, but once you get used to it after the first couple days, you stop paying attention to it. The temporary side effects, however, include minor aches, redness, swelling and itching. But again, all these are to be expected in some way or another and can easily be dealt with using basic skin care products.

Or even if you don’t bother tending to the side effects, you could always just bear through them, as they go away by themselves after a couple days.

4: Is It Expensive?

And finally, we have the question of the hour: everyone’s always worried about the price. This is nothing out of the ordinary, since everybody comes to clinics with a different budget. Luckily, modern cosmetic treatment packages like Skinly Aesthetics’ Botox NYC offer a high quality treatment for a price that’s sure to fit in your budget. 

What modern clinics are striving for, is to make quality skin, facial and anti-aging treatments as accessible to as many people as possible. And since medical technology and the techniques behind treatments are always improving, this is becoming easier and easier to do. You can expect tons of clinics in your local area to offer Botox at a price that won’t really be overbearing on your monthly budget and will be reasonable when compared to how long the results last.

Consider it a long term investment that’ll last you at least 3 to 4 months before you have to go in for another treatment. Taking this into account, most Botox prices are very reasonable.

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