Spider Solitaire Variations and the Best Ways to Play Them Online

Spider is a popular type of Solitaire card games that has gained immense fame. Moreover, Solitaire is one of the earliest computer games that is enjoyed by people of both young and old generations across the globe.

Did you know that the name of Play Free Solitaire Card Game originated from the eight legs of the spider? Yes, this is because they represent the eight columns on the layout that a player must go through to win the game. Today, there are many versions of Solitaire available that have another number of piles or the form of the tableau at all. Now, let’s take a look at the variations of Spider in particular!

6 Most Commonly Known Spider Types

Over the years, many companies and websites have developed multiple variants of free Solitaire. Some of the most renowned Spider games that you can play online are discussed below.

  • One suit Spider: This is one of the earliest variants of Spider Solitaire. As apparent from the name, the game features just one suit of cards. This type is the most suitable for beginners or players who aim to practice to speed themselves up.
  • Two suit Spider: The two-suit alternative is a step more advanced than the one-suit game. It is more difficult than the previous one and thereby is recommended for intermediate players and above.
  • Four suit Spider: This version is for more experienced players as the complexity level of the game is quite high. Here, all four decks are used for building foundations. That’s why winning will require more strategy than luck.
  • Spiderette: This game is a cross between Spider and Klondike, another type of classic Solitaire. Here, the layout has seven columns of cards growing from 1 card to 7. Notice, that it is played with one suit.
  • Relaxed Spider: This version of Spider is almost similar to the regular Solitaire games. The difference is that it is allowed to draw new cards from the stock even if there is an empty space in the tableau.
  • Mrs. Mop: This is one advanced-level variant of free Solitaire that is best suited for experienced players. Here, there are 13 columns in the tableau, and all the cards are displayed face-up.

Tips to Help You Win

Now that we have talked about the different versions of Spider Solitaire Masterswe will share some tips and tricks to help you win the game. So, your first goal when you play Solitaire should be to try to open as many hidden cards as possible by creating sequences. Make use of the empty spaces in the tableau by shifting arrangements of cards there so as to open the hidden cards below them as well. 

Also, start from the stack with the least number of hidden cards to gain a chance of either getting the desired cards to complete an arrangement or clearing the space. One more clue is to combine cards from two different suits to form a sequence if it allows you to open hidden cards. Just remember to move them away before the stack becomes too chaotic.

Where to play Spider Solitaire

Now that you know all the variations of Spider Solitaire, where can you play the game? Fortunately, instead of dealing the cards out with a physical deck, there are numerous online options where you can play the game instantly. We recommend:


If you like to spend time playing Solitaire online, try these variations of Spider. Begin with easy ones and move further to the expert-level types once you gain more practical skills. Also, follow our tips, and playing these games will be fun for sure!

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