Top 5 Stores to Buy Neoprene Bikinis in the Philippines

Where to buy neoprene swimwear in Manila? Ever since I targetted on my Project Sexy Program for this summer, I’ve been obsessed with different kinds of swimwear to wear to the beach. One particular trend is the Neoprene Swimwear trend. This started last year (passe I know) but shops are popping out here and there. Some local shops even start to designing their own.

The neoprene bikini trend started from one international company which is based on Australia, Triangl. Sadly, they only accept paypal payments but they do ship to the Philippines. Hooray! BUT! I’m sure most of you prefer purchasing neoprene directly from manila sellers. That’s why IG (instagram) shops are here right? πŸ™‚ From high-end to low-end from authentic to replicas. List of shops at the end of this post!
What do you think of Neoprene Bikinis? Yay or Nay?

Molly Rosewolf
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Milly in New York Noir
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The thing with neoprene swimwear is that it fits like a glove. A fabric and not a rubber glove. It EXACTLY has to fit your exact size or else bumps will show here and there. If you’re too thin, the swimsuit might fall off, especially for specific designs like the bandeau bikinis. I got myself a Milly in New York Noir (bandeau with straps and push-up), Molly Rosewolf (bandeau), and Billy Firefly (triangle bikini). 

Kikaysikat Tip: Get 1 size smaller for your top if you want your breasts to look fuller. Get 1 size bigger for your bottom to avoid the dreaded muffin top.


You can find all these stores by searching them in their instagram accounts! 
Nudo Swimwear

Soleil Swimwear

_Hipster Bar

Eighth Mermaid

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