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Eclipse 24/7 : RKC Coach Mark Limbaga

Disclaimer: Photo was taken 2 months ago when I was working out at my old gym. 🙁
Don’t worry guys, I don’t have these anymore 🙂

When you are taught wrong, you’re most likely to make mistakes.

I thought I knew kettlebells. I thought having bruises and blisters were
normal, in my previous gym they told me it was normal to start out with
wrong forms, and i’ll just get used to having bruises and blisters as
they grow thicker. Then I told myself, I’ll never hold a kettlebell ever
again. Talk about trauma.

Was I glad to have found coach mark.
From our first training session, he taught me, in each detail, the
basics on how to use a kettlebell. Whenever there’s something wrong with
my form, or what I am doing, he’ll call it out right away to correct
me. Never hesitates. He assess the capacity of who he teaches so he can
provide the essential learnings step by step. He does not load you with
work he knows you cannot do yet. He makes sure that your workout ends up
as fun and enjoyable, though you know it’s still effective.

can definitely know this one right here is an expert in this field; and
I’m proud to be one of his trainees. He’s not only a great teacher, but
you know that what he is doing is his passion and he enjoys it. And I
find it amusing that he calls the kettlebell as his favorite toy. 🙂 – From my review at


Let’s get to know the first RKC certified trainer (and currently the only one) in the Philippines who’s the head coach at Eclipse 24/7 Shaw and the one I mentioned who monitors the custom programs of the members there.

Here’s a bit of Q&A to get to know him better:

1. When did you start getting “fit”?
I seriously started getting fit early 2000s when I realized I got sick and tired of always being the thin guy.

2. What was your first job prior to this one and what made you decide to pursue this as a career?
I helped our family’s market research business but I still moonlight in
the market research industry every now and then but my primary focus is
training people now

3. What were the challenges you’ve experienced during preparing for your RKC certification?
I had no one to monitor me hands-on so I had to rely on filming myself
and sending it to my mentors for review.. I would also say making the
weight since at that time, if you were 132 lbs or less you could use a
lighter bell.

4. What keeps you motivated?
I see my trainees and colleagues striving to be the best keeps me on my
toes, I can’t rest on my laurels since I have to lead from the front and
be a good example5. What’s your favorite gym “equipment” and why

5. Why Kettlebells?
Simply because they are quite versatile and they give you instant
feedback on your form and what’s lacking.. plus, they’re handy.. I can
put them in the trunk of my car if I have to go out of town and not
worry about missing a session. I also like
other equipment like weight vests, suspension trainers ( I love the
aerosling) bulgarian bags and sandbags to name a few. Of course, I still
use a lot of barbell and dumbell training as needed.

The famous “Turkish Getup”

6.Why get RKC certified?

 I have always looked up to how the RKCs carry themselves in a
professional manner and how they are quite fit and combine strength and
movement.. Also, you can’t just sit down and take a multiple choice
exam, you have to earn your certification by being able to demonstrate
proper execution of the movement and also teach
7. Besides coaching at eclipse what other things keep you busy

I also help out the national boxing team. Helping these young athletes is truly inspirational and humbling at the same time.

8. What does your typical meal usually consist of?

I usually focus on meat, fruit and vegetables. I still eat rice and have
something sweet every now and then.. its about knowing what is more
important but still not compromising health over instant gratification

9. Who’s your fitness inspiration and why?
I have multiple role models. Pat Flynn, Nick Tumminello, Mark and Tracy
Reifkind, Dan John, Steve Maxwell, Ido Portal to name a few..

10. Advice to people who are hesitant to exercise and get fit.
Don’t wait, start now, build up good habits and fight the good fight

I was actually hesitant to enroll in the gym where he’s at because it’s
too far from my workplace and home, but he changed my mind. I know I’m
getting quality top notch training if I get it from him. So I don’t mind
travelling a longer distance if I’ll get the results I want. He’s
actually the major reason I enrolled in Eclipse, besides the other facts that: it’s 24/7, you don’t wait for your turn they have ample amounts of equipment, it’s comfy! Go ahead and visit your nearest branch anytime :p


I never got injured from kettlebells again! and I learned to love them now!
Coach Mark has his own youtube channel where he teaches how to do some kettlebell movements


  • kikaysikat

    Thanks! I tried a lot before, pilates, etc etc. Well let's just say not everything works for everyone and right now Eclipse's program works for me so it might work for you guys as well if you give it a try.

    It may not be as feminine as routines done in other fitness clubs but to be able to to the same thing men are doing can be empowering. 🙂

  • Rae

    You're totally right in that. If you already found something that you can keep doing. Just do that. Sometimes it's not in the exercise itself but in the ability to do exercises continuously regardless of what it is.

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