How I Got White Underarms

Top Causes of Dark Underarms and Mind-blowing Hacks to Get Rid of Them

How I Got White Underarms

Picture this: you’ve just stepped out of the shower and you’re concluding your hygiene routine for the morning. You lift up your arms and you’re left aghast by how dark your armpits are in comparison to the other parts of your body. Don’t panic, you’re actually experiencing a condition that affects millions of women every year.

But how did this happen? More importantly, how do you go about remedying the issue? You’re in luck, in this article I’ll be going over the biggest causes of dark underarms and how to go about banishing these murky patches, this article has brevity in mind, but goes into some more depth as to the particulars.

Causes Of Dark Underarms:

Clogged Pores

What kind of products do you apply to your underarms on a near daily basis, especially if you live in a hot climate? More than likely you answered a deodorant or an antiperspirant. While deodorants typically just function to remove the smell associated with perspiration, antiperspirants are full of added aluminum that functions to block pores so that the sweat from sweat glands doesn’t even have the chance to exit the body. While highly effective at combating body odor, your clogged pores should be thought of as smorgasbord of nutrients for bacterial colonies to feast on.

These bacterial colonies further contribute to the pores being blocked and toxins begin to build up as a byproduct of bacterial colonization. These toxins have a dark tint that can be difficult to remove with simple washing. The added dyes in antiperspirants and deodorants aren’t doing your skin coloration any favors either, so there’s a lot of compounding factors here when it comes to using these products on your skin.

Shaving Technique

How you choose to shave your underarms can add a black hue to your skin. Few people have hair lighter than their skin, and when the hair grows back in at a later date the small stubble will contribute to darker looking underarms.

How To Get Rid Of Your Darkened Pits

Take Good Care Of The Area

Your first purchase to help counteract the effects of the darkened underarms should be a good whitening soap. These soaps are inexpensive and work as both a prevention and a cure. Since you more than likely shower on a daily basis, adding a good quality whitening soap is one of the easiest ways to begin reversing the process of your skin darkening over time.

Next, invest in a high-quality exfoliating cream or stone. The darkened pits are primarily due to the buildup of dead skin cells and clogged pores. Exfoliants use abrasive materials to gently remove these layers of dead skin and leave your skin renewed and supple. Exfoliation is actually recommended for everybody on all parts of their body to keep skin clean and clear, but it does wonders on darkened armpits as well.

The final step in your underarm maintenance routine should be a quality skin whitening cream. Look for a skin whitening cream in your local pharmacy and apply it to the area early in the morning for it to work its magic throughout the day.

Wax Your Underarms

As bad as the stubble may look, you can’t just stop shaving altogether. The problem with shaving is that it is a surface level issue and the stubble will begin poking through again within a day or two. Choosing to get your arms waxed will remove the hair as well as the hair follicle, giving you more time before your hair grows back in.

Prevention Is Always Better Than A Cure

While you probably stumbled upon this article because you’ve already noticed an issue with dark underarms causing you strife with regards to your body image, choosing to avoid dark underarms from appearing in the first place is much better than working to fix them and waiting for a satisfactory end result.

Remember: minimize how much you use antiperspirant products and keep your underarms as clean as possible. Carefully think about how your lifestyle choices are contributing to this issue and work to gradually change your lifestyle to better suit a more natural color to your underarms.





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